Desperately seeking the knitting wisdom of the ages! SOLVED

PLEASE read my latest BLOG SAGA, start where the word HORROR appears, and comment if you can!!!
:pray: :frog: :wall: :help: :crying:
[size=6]IM DESPERATE!!![/size]

Im THINKING I could kind of “knit” a round without REALLY knitting, more like slipping all the sts, and straighten those out as they come up with my crochet needle?

Okay…1st…relax, relax, and slow, deep breaths…slow now…NOT THAT SLOW!!! Breathe…I agree with the above statement that u made. Now that u have the sts back on the needles…straightened each individual st as u come to it…yes, it may take a bit of time…but can be done…and remember the important part… :cheering: :cheering: the sts were saved!!

and how do ya’ll do that where the part that was copied comes up in white in the new window where u r posting it? Make any sense…I often don’t :oops: sorry…i’m just goofy like that… :smiley: , but loveable… :wink:

If you hit the Quote button (top right of each message) instead of reply it will automatically quote the entire message. Most of the time you don’t need the entire message, so just delete the parts of the text you don’t want. you can also just manually put the commands in there if you’re going to quote lots of people. You don’t have to have the =“rebecca” or whoever you’re quoting. just [ quote ] text [ /quote ] (without the spaces) will work too.