Desperately Seeking Pattern

Help. I have seen this picture and would appreciate any advice on how to knit up something similar. I am a fairly new knitter and don’t know where to start!

Have you tried searching on Ravelry? It’s a trove of patterns.
What about finding the source of the photo? Are Tom and Gisele on FB, TV, or film? If you can track that down it gives you further search terms. Sometimes knitting groups form around shows like Downton Abbey and put together patterns for items seen on the show.

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Thank you. What size needles should I use for the main bit…not the thicker edges?

It’s likely all the same size needles, just a fancy stitch (possibly as slip stitch) for the edges. The size needles will depend on the yarn and the tension you knit with. It looks like a bulky yarn and most knitters would use maybe a 13? I’d be on a 10.5 because I’m such a loose knitter.

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Hello. It is called a Newbury hat and the pattern is: . It is beautiful!


Wow…Thank you so much. I’ve just contacted them bout purchasing the pattern :blue_heart::blue_heart: