Desperately seeking Patons Glittallic amd Red Heart Super Saver

I’m back after dealing with a major medical problem which I hope I have seen the last of. No, this isn’t cheap and cheerful meets Ivana Trump, 2 different projects, 1 old, 1 new. I need 3- 4 skeins of the Patons Glittallic in Cream Gleam. Misread the instructions and after spending about $60 ordering it still don’t have enough. For my other older project I need 2-3, preferably 3 skeins of the Red Heart Super Saver worsted/medium in 4313 Aran Fleck. I hope someone can help me locate these.


will check my stash and see if i have any Crossed Fingers

Found both yarns - WalMart is again selling the Red Heart and I found a dscouted place that has the Glittallic. Thakns for looking .