Desperately seeking duster

Everyone probably knows someone like me: when it comes to anything I have to spend money on, I am exceptionally picky. I’ll go to a clothing or shoe store, determined to buy something. I’ll angst over any one given item, spend twenty minutes arguing all its good points, but that ONE TINY FLAW will prevent me from buying it. I’ll go home empty handed.

As you probably guessed, there is fine print in the Geneva convention stating that it’s cruel and unusual punishment for me to drag anyone out shopping with me.

A few years ago I had some truly delightful dusters. I got them on clearance at a department store, bought several colors, and have long since worn through the one I wore the most. It was perfect - simple, slim, lots of extra fabric to wrap around myself instead of gaping open and leaving you out in the cold. The worst part is, it was my absolutely essential Basic Black, and I’ve been lost without it.

If anyone can direct a despondent duster-lover to a viable pattern, I would be simply delighted. Thanks in advance!

Do you mean duster as in a long coat or a wrap? There’s this one - you could make it longer.

That’s a SIMILAR idea, but it doesn’t look like it’ll wrap around the body the way the duster I used to have did. Remember when the ones with the tie around the waist were really in? That’s what I have in mind. Goes down to maybe mid-thigh. That one is also a bit more “fancy” than what I had in mind. The beauty of the ones I used to have is that they went with everything because they were very simple. Accented, didn’t overwhelm.

I haven’t done it, but I just bought the “Knitsimple” magazine w/ Vanna White on the cover and on page 37 is a duster knitted coat. I love it and it’s the whole reason I bought the magazine.

Hope that helps.

Maybe do a search for cardigan patterns and you’ll find something. Check out,, or for free patterns.

When I saw your thread title, “Desperately seeking duster.” I immediately thought, “Yeah, I wish someone would clean my house too!” :teehee:

Sorry, but I don’t have the pattern info. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

If you are into cables I think this one is gorgeous. You can embellish
as much or as little as you want and also make it to whatever
length suits you. As soon as I finish up a few projects I intend to
make one about mid-thigh/knee length.

Libbie :slight_smile:

I got an email from knitpicks with a gorgeous one in it, it’s here which doesn’t show it so well but click on View More Images and see it on the model.

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vintage robe here
or something like these could be made longer for a robe.
or a kimono style wrap cardigan might work also.

This could work with some minor modifications

Just saw this in a KP email. It’s shorter, but you could lengthen it.

There are a lot of really great links in here. Most of the enormous-archive-of-free-patterns type sites I’ve been to a time or two. I still think is my favorite - lots of stylish stuff. I guess I’m suffering newbie paranoia. Whenever I find a pattern that is or might be viable, it starts giving me directions that are intimidatingly complicated, and I panic. I’ll just have to print some stuff off and take it to one of the local yarn shops. They are to be offered condolences. =)~

Patterns might look like gibberish, but if you take them one line at a time or one stitch at a time, they’re really not so hard. The problem comes when people try to do them in their head and just can’t visualize what’s to be done. If you just work it one step at a time with the yarn and needles, it becomes much more clear.

My problem is learning how to do the things mentioned in the instructions. I can read a description of HOW to do it a hundred times and never understand it. The best way for me to learn something is to have someone who already knows how show me a time or two, then watch me do it so they can tell me how I’m doing it wrong. Problem is, my friends in the area are pretty inexperienced knitters as well. I’ve managed to figure out the absolute basics (casting on, biding off, knit, purl) and can do stitch patterns, increasing, decreasing, but after that, I’m pretty well lost.

Have you looked at the videos on this site? They’re great at showing how to do a knit and purl stitch, increases, decreases and other techniques you might encounter. The Glossary has a list of abbreviations used in patterns and many of them link to a video showing how to do them.