Desperately Seeking a Bernat Pattern book

I am at my total wit’s end! I have looked for months, everywhere I could think of online and in stores for a vintage Bernat knitting pattern magazine. I called Bernat and of course they can’t help me without the number of the book…which is on the book ???

So here’s a description. If any of you have it and would be willing to sell it to me I would be eternally grateful!!!

Probably a late 60s early 70s book. On the cover is a young woman with a very bulky ice blueish sweater, scarf and stocking cap. I can’t recall if the book was for their Big Bulky yarns or not.

The particular pattern I am looking for in that book is a brown pullover sweater that has a boat neck and kimono style sleeves. The woman has a belt on it as the sweater is a little long, to the middle of the hips I’d say. She is looking toward her right, might have her hand on her hip, she has medium auburn brown hair – really pretty, kind of a Raquel Welch look about her. It is a plain stockinette stitch sweater.

GREAT SWEATER! You can wear in the Fall, put a turtleneck under it and wear in the winter! I just LOVE that sweater and my grown daughters want them too…

If I have no luck, do any of you know where or who might be able to make me a pattern??? As you can see, I am REALLY desperate!!!

I am 99.9% certain it’s a Bernat book, but on the offchance you see something like that cover in another brand, please look inside and see if you can find that sweater!

Thanks a ton!!!

I don’t see anything at first glance and w/o more info it’s really hard to look for. There are just too many booklets and too many patterns.

Maybe you could change the pattern stitch to suit or something on these?

I don’t know what you’ve searched for, but I assume you have tried “vintage bernat knit pattern”? I found quite a few vintage booklets on The Find, but you might have some luck using that term in a broader search, too.