Desperately need help in assembling sweater Please!

all sweater parts made, now totally confused on how to assemble ………directions have me completely confused can anyone help me
UKHKA 165 …….MATINEE COAT ……NECKBAND says joinshoulder seams​:question:Pick up and knit 20 sets evenly along right side of neck​:question:Are there pictures somewhere ….I am desperately lost and can’t make sense of this my shoulders have only 18 stitches :question:

Seam the shoulders from top of the arm to the neck. This will join the front and back of the sweater. Now pick up sts along the right side of the neck. This is the area of bind offs and row ends from the front opening to the shoulder seam.
Here’s a video for picking up sts in case you need it.

It shows places to pick up sts in case you need to pick up more than one stitch per row or bind off stitch.

Also, right side of neck means the right as you wear it. I always have to stop and check I am on the right.