Desperately hunting for seemingly discontinued DROPS Alaska Grey/Purple (56)!

I wonder if anyone can help. I’m making a fancy jumper with owls around the yoke and have been very excited as I have nearly finished! However I have almost run out of yarn and estimate I probably need about 1.5 more balls. I went to buy some more, only to find that this colour appears to have been discontinued! Is there any chance anyone has some lying around, or any leads as to where I can get this colour from? It’d be very upsetting not to finish the project I have quite a lot of spare DROPS yarn in different qualities so could probably do a swap if anyone has any.
Thank you!

Welcome to KH!
Have you also tried Ravelry? There are many stashes of this yarn and you can search for your color within the stashes. Even when the yarn is listed as “not for sale” it may be worth asking since that is the default setting and it’s often ignored.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try that! A friend also found a Greek website which appears to have it but I’m waiting for a confirmation email as they only accept bank transfers… Fingers crossed!

Found it! :cheering:

If anyone else is looking for this colour it’s currently in stock at

Unfortunately it turns out this was a mistake, back to the drawing board!

Sorry to hear that. Maybe someone else here has some. Be patient.
Have you tried contacting the company to see if they can offer any help?

I have but haven’t heard back. It was only yesterday so I will be patient!