I am sitting here on the Oregon coast with a bag full of year and a “easy afghan” instruction I do know know how to handle.

This is the web site to it:,M1

Basically, however, it want me to make a “chevron and feather” and tells me to
"k1, yo, W, k2tog, ssk, k4, yo

my question: what does W mean. It is not in any glossary I can find.

You guys get me knitting again, and I will sing your praises to the sea…

I googled around and found this on Amazonabout this throw :thumbsup:

Liked the variety of selections in this book. Can’t give it an outstanding because my copy has at least one erratum. After an email to [B]Family[/B] [B]Circle[/B] I received this correction for page 30 “[B]Portable[/B] [B]Throw[/B] [for] beginner knitters”. 3/4 of the way down the left hand column and under “Stitches – Chevron and Feather” you will find ROW 1 of the Pattern. It reads:“Row 1(RS)*K1,yo, W”<====this “W” should be replaced by “k4” and then continue on. In my opinion this pattern is better for intermediate knitters, it contains ‘lace’ stitches. However, if you can master yo’s (yarn over’s) and K2tog’s (knit two together’s) you can knit this lovely afghan very quickly. Also wrong: crochet afghans (2nd half of bk)are listed for “knitters” levels.

I’d give you a hug if I could. Many, many thanks…