Desperate help with short rows in a pattern!

So I’m making this bag, and I’m at the very end, working on the decreases. I’ve been so confused the whole time, and I’m still not sure if I’m even doing this right; I’ve never done short rows before.
So my first problem is when I looked up tutorials for how to do short rows, all of them talk about doing wrap and turn, but the pattern doesn’t say anything about that, so I’m not sure if I should be doing that or not.
Despite that, I’ve gotten all the way to row 14, and I am completely lost at these instructions. I slipped one, K2tog, psso, but then I get to the repeated part. I did the first instructions, yo, k2tog, and then I returned the three stitches to the left hand needle…and I don’t understand for the life of me what I’m binding off and how I’m doing it. I would assume it’s the three stitches I just worked? But if I put them back on the left hand needle then my working yarn is in the middle of all of my stitches?
Please help, I’ve had a terrible day and I just need to finish something and do something right :frowning:

If your pattern doesn’t say to do wrap and turn, then I wouldn’t. It will leave a small hole which may be part of the pattern that the designer wants.
On the bind off, yes, it’s the 3 stitches just worked. Return them to the left hand needle and bind off 3sts as usual.
The yarn will be coming from the first stitch on the LH needle but that’s ok. This is a stretchy and decorative bind off.

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Your project looks exactly like the eggs in the original “ALIEN” movie.
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Thank you Erinla. I am so exited I can’t sit still ! I think that I already have
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Thank you for your help, but unfortunately that didn’t work either :frowning: I also tried doing it while doing the wrap and turn thing, and that really didn’t work. When I did it the first time, without binding and turning, doing the yarn overs at the end when I bind off left holes all along one side, and I don’t think it’s intentional, because none of the example pictures or anyone else’s projects look that way :frowning: I feel like I’ve tried everything, but this pattern is so unclear and there’s so many variables I just can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be doing u^u

That’s awesome!!! I really hope they turn out awesome for you, I’m so glad :smiley: I love the Alien movies! Hopefully you don’t struggle too much with the pattern, a lot of it is unclear :frowning: I know for sure that there’s a mistake in row two, it’s missing a part that tells you to repeat it 3 times on each needle, and then row 29 I think it is should be k27, not k7. Good luck!

Actually, I tried this on a swatch.
Row 14: sl1, k2tog, psso, *yo, k2tog, return 3 stitches to LH needle, BO 3, repeat from * 2 more times,
You’ll slip 1, k2tog, psso. That leaves one stitch on the RH needle.
Now yo, k2tog. There are now 3sts on the RH needle. Return them to the LH needle.
Bind off 3sts. It’ll mean using 4sts to do that. You’ll end with 1 stitch on the RH needle, ready to repeat the steps again.

Don’t worry that the yarn is coming from the k2tog sitting on the LH needle. Just use it as the working yarn.

If you don’t want the holes left by the short rows, try German short rows. They seem less fussy the w&t.

When I run into trouble I do my own thing., You know; in sewing patterns
there are, often times, mistakes. You step back and say, “hey, weight a second” !
It also happens with some knitting patterns, But, when you
are trying to type out a bunch of long descriptive sentences in knitting
patterns, I’m amazed that there aren’t a whole BUNCH of mistakes :scream: !!
Best advise: If you think that you know a technique that would apply there,
use it. If it works, who cares…, :blush:

I’m so sorry I forgot to respond to this! I hope I didn’t seem unappreciative! You’re help went a long way, and I used this method to finally finish the bag! It came out very lovely, so thank you so much for your help!

Thanks for the advice! I did end up figuring it out in the end, but after I read your comment, I almost did try to figure out my own way of finishing it :slight_smile: had I not figured it out, I probably would have.
And I hope I didn’t seem as though I was bashing on the person who made the pattern! It was a bit hard to follow, but mistakes happen, and part of the issue was that I was applying techniques that I had never learned before, so that made it far more confusing. It really is a lovely pattern and I think the person who made it did a great job :smiley:

Worked out beautifully. Thanks so much for posting the update and the photo.