Desperate for pattern help!

Hey guys-
So I am trying to make some gloves to match a hat I made and so I took a glove pattern and then put the decorative pattern from the hat into it (much easier than it sounds).:knitting:

Only problem is, I can’t figure out what this line in the pattern means. I don’t have the original source, only what I copied when I wrote it down.:shrug:

Divide 11 sts (6 from one side and 5 from the other). Put remaining on holder.
Work around, pick up/knit 1, K11, pickup/knit 1 = 13


What do they mean by pick up? I am only with 44 sts, which adds up to the correct amount for each finger, so what am I picking up???

HELP!!! :frog:

Pick up an extra one on each side, maybe it’s the thumb gusset. Do you have a link to the pattern, or its name?