Desperate for pattern design help (pretty please)

I am asking this anyplace i can think of (and obviously in places I lurk LOL).
I really want to knit my husband some coasters fro his birthday next week. I want to knit in wool and felt them but the catch is I want them to be in the shape of the pittsburgh Steelers logo. It’s a logo with diamondlike shapes and I wanted to do 3 coasters in red, yellow and blue.

I have no clue where in the shape I would start knitting. If I start at the point and do increases and then decreases what kinds of increases and decreases would I do? I am new to knitting and have done only hats and pants so far but I am willing to try anything because I’mtoo stupid to realize at this point what i’m getting myself into :roflhard:

Check out the videos on the increases and decreases. They are especially good for your project because they are all knit in diamonds!


Thanks! The issue though (for me anyway) is that they aren’t tru diamonds - the edges come in a bit. I may have a breakdiown by the time I’m done with this!

Isn’t it frustrating when the smallest little project ends up being the most complicated. I am going to go look at the logo and see if I can think of some ideas.

Okay, Here is what I would do. I would make the piece a diamond, and then use colorwork to do the actual little shape within it. Does that make sense?

:wall: I didn’t even sop to think that people wouldn’t just know their logo. My husband will be heartbroken!

I wasn’t clear LOL I want to knit just the diamonds. So just the red shape for instance. Not the entire thing that says “Steelers” with the shapes.

**I am having toddler H-E-double hockey sticks this week and can’t seem to think straight. Sorry!

I understand you want to do just the shapes individually. I guess I was thinking you could do like a black diamond, with the pointy shape inside it, using the color yarn your want. Like doing intarsia where you change the color while you are knitting? I know what I want to explain to you, I’m just not sure how to. :doh:

Maybe you could start with a small number of stitches, increase very slowly at first, and then all of a sudden increase by a lot, and then reverse the pattern once you’ve gotten as wide as you need?

Does that make sense?



The yarn would probably look rounder than computer x’s. :slight_smile:

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That makes perfect sense and I guess i should try that before one of the munchkins wakes up and the husband comes home. I think I will find some graph paper online and plot it out.

What about felting just solid rectangle shapes then actually cutting the exact diamond shape you want out of it? If it’s felted well, it should hold together just fine.

Thats just what I was thinking…knit and then felt then cut them to the shape you want. Felt doesn’t “run” or fall apart so shouldn’t that work?? :shrug:

Yeah, I think I would probably do rectangles and then cut the shapes out!

In my experience, felted items usually shrink more in height than width, so your design would need to be adjusted for that, or you might end up with short, fat diamonds instead of the shape you want. I think you’d have to play around with it a bit and try felting a few test swatches to see what your yarn does.

I have tried the increase/decrease method and it bites :teehee: Someone on another board (who writes patterns) has helped me a bit so I will try her suggestions and see how it goes. Then, I may just make squares and cut and call it a day because I think I have learned my lesson - football and I don’t mix :roflhard:

Okay, here’s what I would do.
Cast on one st.
row 1: knit
row 2: knit
row 3: knit
row 4: kfb
row 5: knit
row 6: k1, m1, k2
row 7: knit
row 8: k1, m1, k3
continue increasing until you reach the desired width, cut yarn and slide down needle…I would do this for this 3 more times, but not cut yarn on the last pointy thing, join in round and knit a row, knitting in the yarn that you cut from 3 point things, begin decreasing. Then, after you felt it pin it into shape of the logo.

:notworthy: BRILLIANT!!!

LOL, I don’t know about brilliant :teehee: , but I hope it helps :wink:!