Desperate for help

Please could someone help me understand this pattern.
It’s for the sleeve armhole
I’m doing it for the last size
When the piece measures 44(45)46(47)47(48) cm, on every other row bind off
1x5(7)7(7)7 sts, 1x3 sts and 3x2 sts at both ends (the increased sts are decreased).
Keep working the chevron pattern. Keep decreasing at both ends by omitting the
increases in the chevron pattern.
When there is a 2 st decrease at both edges, bind off.
Knit the other sleeve in the same manner.

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This is a very economical but often confusing way to give shaping instructions.
You’re effectively going to be binding off at the beginning of every row. That’ll look like every other row on one side and every other row on the opposite side of the back.
Bind off 7sts at the beginning of row 1 and 7sts at the beginning of row 2.
Bind off 3sts at the beginning of row 3 and row 4.
Bind off 2sts at the beginning of rows 5,6,7,8, 9 and 10.
From there the decreases are made by omitting an increase in the chevron pattern.
What is the name of your pattern?

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I’m doing Novita Nalle Marita Cardigan

Thanks for the pattern name. It’s a great graphic in the sweater!

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