Desperate for Help with Pattern

Hi. I’m new here and I really need help. Just started afghan “Celtic Tradition” from “Big Needle Knit Afghans” for a Christmas gift. I don’t know if I’m dumb, or pattern is wrong, but it’s not working for me.

Cast on 165 sts. Knit 7 rows in garter. Pattern - Knit 1st & last 7 sts in garter.

Rows 1, 3, & 5, knit.

Rows 2 & 4: P3, k2, *p5, k2, rep from * across, end last rep p3. (When I get there after last p5, k2, I have 13 stitches or 6 plus my 7 stitch garter border.)

Rows 6 & 8 (K2, sl 1) twice, *k3, sl 1, k2, sl 1, rep from * across, end last rep k2. (I believe I’d need 6 stitches to end with k2, but there are only 5 + 7 on needle.)

Row 7 works out - P2, sl 1, k2, sl 1, *p3, sl 1, k2, sl 1, rep from * across, end last rep p2.

Row 9: K2, C4, *k3, c4, rep from * across, end last rep k2. (There are 5 stitches + 7, not 2 + 7.

Row 10 repeats row 2.

Don’t know if I’m reading this wrong, but I’m stuck, and I’m dreading pulling my work out. Can someone help?

Can you explain what isn’t working?

The pattern seems clear at a glance, but I might be able to help you untangle what ever is confusing you

Did you cast on 165 sts? How would you have only 6 or 7 sts if you casted on 165?

The pattern has repeats, you do the pattern between * and * repeating the same stitches until you end the pattern with your border or the instructions say otherwise

Are you sure it calls to cast on 165 stiches, because I did all the math on all the rows you provided and you can’t do it. I doesn’t add up.
For example:
You have 165 stiches minus the 14 you need to have for the garter stich…that leaves you with 151 sts. Then minus 5 for the P3 k1 leaves you with 146 sts to work with. Now you need 7 sts for each repeat, so divide 7 into 146 and you get 20 (you have to do 20 repeats).
BUT, now they want you to P3 before you do the 7 garter sts. If you didnt have to do the P3 the row would come out o.k.
The other rows are messed up too.
Is this pattern out of a book? Can you look it up on line and see if any corrections were made after it was published.
This is my take on it anyway…I know how frustrating it can be.
Maybe there is a more experienced knitter out there, who can help.
Good Luck

She is increasing sts in rows 6 and 8 at least…Rows 6 & 8 (K2, sl 1) twice, <-- that is an increase
I was trying to add it like you were, too Jen.
I finally wrote it out with regular rows, all of them, not paired like that and pm’d them to her. It is too easy to follow rows out of order when they aren’t actually listed row by row.

k2 is not an increase…k2tog is an increase.
That is the way I read it.
What do you think…
Hmmm, wish I had the pattern in front of me.

I meant to ask you on the last post…do you have a picture of your Light Lavender Falling Water Lace Scarf? Even the name sounds beautiful!

k2tog is a [U][I]decrease[/I][/U]. You are knitting two stitches as one.

Found this.

However, nowhere in the pattern does it have either an increase or decrease. And I can’t get the sts to come out right. You take off the 7 sts at each end - 14; then take off the 5 sts before the repeats and 3 after, that’s -8. So 165 - 22 = 143 and that’s not divisible by 7 (k2, p5). And that’s just one of the pattern rows. The others have a different stitch count. So check again…

Ah-ha! Corrections to the pattern!! Cast on should be 153 stitches instead of the 165 or whatever it was (my brain has already forgotten…I need more coffee).

Well that should help!

Though you should look again… It says CO is [B]162 [/B]stitches. The 153 sts is for Lavender Mist.

I had meant to write k2 tog is a decrease, remind me not to write after midnight!