Designing My Own Blanket

I’m designing my own blanket and have finished making the pattern on design paper. Pattern 1 is of diagonal stripes (3 colors) and Pattern 2 are of 2 words. I didn’t want to do a simple stockinette stitch, I was hoping to do a double moss stitch but as I’m finishing the patterns I’m wondering if doing this type of design on a moss stitch will look good. I’m feeling like it won’t have the same affect or may look sloppy. Has anyone ever done anything like this? Are words best done only on stockinette stitch? Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated! TIA

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Sounds exciting.
Have you tried a swatch for one or two of the squares just to see how it works with the moss stitch? I think that’s what I would do.

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I wonder if the letters wouldn’t show up better on a stockinette background. You could work in double moss stitch but leave a stockinette panel where you want the words to show. There are lots of different alphabets that can be used including script.

It’s also worth looking at shadow or illusion knitting which is fun to work and flat out cool. Here’s an example:

Looking forward to seeing this blanket!


That’s a great idea. Thanks, I’m going to try this.

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Yea, I think your right. I’m going to test out a small square and see how the two patterns look together. Thanks for the ideas!!