Designing an intarsia picture

Hi all,

I’m an intermediate knitter. I want to design an intarsia running shoe and wings for a V neck sweater for my runner husband. My question is, must I start a new color only on a knit row, as a friend told me, therefore requiring two rows, or an even number of rows, for each color? I don’t think I want to do the design in duplicate stitch. Thank you in advance for the help I’m sure I’ll get on this.


If you don’t add the color on a knit row you’ll end up with purl bumps of two colors. This can be done intentionally as a design feature, but I don’t think it’ll work with what you are doing.

[B]ETA - I was thinking in garter stitch so it may not be a problem with stockinette. [/B]

I don’t think you [U]have[/U] to, it will just mean more ends to work in if you don’t.

If you’re working in stockinette, then you can change colors on the purl side and not have a problem on the knit side. You only have to worry about purl bumps and changing colors on the right side if you’re working garter or reverse stockinette.

If you start a new color on the purl side and work it in purl stitch it will not put purl bumps on the knit side of the fabric. It will look just the same as it would if you had started the new color on the knit side.

I want to thank the respondents to my question. It is so frustrating to not know what to do when I actually have the time to sit and enjoy knitting if I knew what I had to do. So, thank you!