Designing a Pattern: Suggestions?

My bf is sort of getting into my knitting (which causes me no end of laughter as he gets excited - he espeically likes to look at my pattern books and criticize the colors the models are wearing).

He has great interest in my knitting what he calls a “Snoozle” which, as he describes it, is a combination scarf/shawl/hood thing. He even mimes putting on the different sections (neck and hood) as he tries to explain it.

My curiosity has been awoken and I’d like to knit one, but I’ve never seen a pattern for something like that. I’m left with casting on blindly and just sort of knitting at random to make it work.

Any pattern sugestions? Advice for hood designs? General ideas/coments/conected stories?

Hmmm, is it a tube, or does it tie?

There’s the mobius scarf thing. I’ve also seen plain tubes that have a draw string that can be closed to keep it snug around the face, or over the nose…

But these don’t really qualify as a “shawl” thing.

You’ve got me curious too! I googled “Snoozle” and just came up with pictures of teddy bears!


Yellowness, I just googled using the words “knit pattern hooded scarf” and found a bunch of the things I think you’re talking about. Maybe if you do that you can see some pictures and get some ideas.

Hi there:

Can anyone tell me how to do this - I have 610 yds of ribbon yarn and would like to design my own. The stitch pattern I want to use is a lovely Garter Chevron pattern - I need to start at the bottom and work up but I also need to shape for the shoulders.