Designers wanna help a design newbie combine patterns?

Ok, so here’s the deal. I have enough holly berry red shine yarn from knitpicks to make a hip lenght 3/4 sleeve sweater.

I though about and have even bought Something Red but I really want lace. So I looked at Titania but I’m both short and curvy and all that lace just seems like too much. I also really like the eyelets and subtle lace neck on the Isabella Tank but I would want the lace to continue all around the neck, and a smaller panel of the same lace on the back.

My question for those more experienced - is this all of this going to work together? Do I just have to dive in and see?

I want:
The front lace panel from Isabella, but a V-neck and smaller (maybe just 3 inch high) panel in the back, with lace “halves” going all around the neck (I am envisioning knitting front and back separately, and grafting at the shoulders, so the direction of the lace halves will “switch” at a stockinette/grafted shoulder line, unless I can figure out how to “graft” lace :zombie: )

I also want the eyelet row under the bust from Isabella.

I then want ribbing like in Something Red, to gently flare/swing over my hips (did I mention I’m curvy? My hips are like 10 inches bigger around than my waist - so I’m thinking positive ease at the waist, but still likely negative ease at the hips even w/the swing ribbing) and I also want to start ribbing just above the elbow and use the same flared ribbing for a slightly flared/bell sleeve .

What do you think? Any tips/ideas/pitfalls you see?


replying to my own thread - sorry!

But I have more thoughts - I want to knit top down. I want raglan sleeves (like Something Red, but I thinking I don’t want eyelets on the raglan, that it would become “too much” going on again - but maybe not? What do you think?).

Is my neck idea going to work? Titania and Isabella both have split necks - is that due to the lace panel in front?

Ohhh, I really do think I should add an eyelet row to the sleeves, though, to mimic the body. What do you think?

Sure that can all work. I made a tank that’s started like Tivoli with the mesh insert from Green Gables (they start similarly anyway) and the lace trim on the bottom from Soleil, or some other lace. And I combine patterns all the time - the shape from one and the st patts from 1 or 2 others. I’m not familiar with the patterns you mention, but just dive in and see how they work. Tou should be able to tell by the time you get to the sleeve division and if it doesn’t seem like it’s going well, you can start over and you’ll have probably thought of other ways to improve it to get what you want.

Hi! :waving:

Here’s something that may be of help, for this and future projects.

There’s such a thing as “knitters’ graph paper”. It isn’t square blocks but rectangular ones, wider than they are high. This mimics the actual shape of many knitted stitches and can be very helpful when you’re working out a design from bottom to top. That way your length won’t look squished.

But you can use the square block graph paper as well to lay out how your various stitches will connect.

It’s very helpful sometimes to graph out your stitches in color. I use crayola colored pencils (green for purls and red for knits, or whatever colors you like) but you can also use highlighter pens to good effect.

It’s not something that has to take a long time or be very involved. Think of it as a “coloring book” for knitters! :slight_smile: It’s amazing what you pick up when you lay it out visually. All too often I’ve had projects get weird because I hadn’t taken into account something in one pattern stitch that didn’t gel with another pattern stitch.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes!

Happy knitting, :knitting:

Ruthie in Maryland