Designer Bag Book? - Patternworks Catalog

Has anyone seen the new Patternworks catalog? There’s a pattern for a Cabled Felted Bag on page 66 from the book Designer Bags. I can’t seem to find this book anywhere else, has anyone heard of it or seen it online? I wanted to see what other patterns were in there before buying it, but it’s no where to be found!!! :shrug:

It’s weird when you check out the Patternworks site and it says Designer Bags Book but only shows the pattern you mentioned and it does not say about any other patterns in the book. Does the catalog mention an author, publisher or ISBN number?

I don’t see an ISBN or an author and I’ve looked everywhere I could think of. I can’t imagine the pattern itself is $18 though!

This one? I love that bag!

Maybe that price includes the yarn? :shrug: I would contact them and see what they say.

I think this is the book you are looking for.Found it by looking up the yarn it was made out of

is it just THAt bag that you want? It looks like an easy enough pattern to recreate.

Jan - I wish that price included the yarn, the yarn they suggest for that bag comes out to over $80! Yikes! I think I need a substitution! But it looks like Julie found the book! Thanks so much!!