Designed a doggie coat today

with colorwork, fair isle to be exact, and not happy with it, but tried it on the dog and he growls when I try to take it off of him, so starting over. It is not nearly long enough, the back is too wide, and there needs to be a collar, working on it, hoping he falls asleep and I can de-frock him!:knitting:

I think that adjusting the design is part of the process. Good luck with dog sweater 2.0. and with retreiving the current version!

Sounds like your dog is happy with it the way it is!

That’s the first time I ever heard of a dog liking his coat so much that he growls when you try to remove it! Too funny!

Congrats on your design, but sorry you’re not happy with it (even though the dog seems to be thrilled). Perhaps you could just hold him down and knit some more while he’s wearing it! :teehee:

On the other hand, I’m not so sure making another one for him is a good idea 'cause once you get it on, you may never get it off again!

he finally let me take it off of him, am designing the new one now!

Give us a hint! What’s the design like? I’ve knitted 7 dog sweaters so far, usually starting with the Paton’s basic dog coat and just adding my own stitch pattern, e.g., mosaic designs, intarsia, cables. And no, I don’t have 7 dogs; I have just 2, but I’ve made sweaters for friends’ and neighbors’ dogs.

So sweet of you to consider your doggie’s comfort by knitting him a sweater! You are a good doggie mommy! My dog came with a built in dog sweater…she’s a Shih Tzu.

I bought coats for my hounds a few winters ago, during extreme cold weather…but they chewed them off themselves so quick it was ridiculous. What one dog couldn’t chew off themselves, the other one finished the job.

No doggie sweaters for them!

We’re all very excited to see your doggie sweater all done up!