Design/pattern advise needed for grand aspirations

I want to make a long belt type thing, not a holdy-uppy belt, just a fashion item.

I Luuuuurve this…,

But its crocheted and I’m pants at that. Dads baggy pants!

Does anyone have any idea where I can find a pattern for a similar leaf and flower? - I plan to just knit a long strand the length I want it about 8 stitches wide and attach the flowers and leaves as I make them.

I love these particular leaves because of the stem down the middle.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hug Hug

Nicky Epstein, in her books Knitting on the Edge, and Knitting Over the Edge, has several patterns for leaves, single, doubled, center veined, yada,yada. (there are some leaf patterns in her book on Knitted Flowers too, (knitting embelishment has some too, but that book is out of print)

MANY stitch dictionaries also have patterns for knitted leaves, as well

i suspect if you google knitted leaf, you’d find more than one pattern for a leaf, and could find something you like!

after you have a leaf, pattern, you are on your own!