Design and kintted a 3 color hat!

After reading several three color patterns, I found one had errors but I liked some of the aspects. So I took what I had seen in several patterns, and made up my own. Made with worsted weight yarn and size 7 circular needle.

My patterns are in .pdf format, but I don’t know how to put them somewhere where they can be linked to. Any suggestions?

Spam Town USA MN

I’ve never tried to post a pattern myself, but a lot of the ones on Ravelry are in .pdf format. I’m not sure if you have to host the pattern or if their site will do that for you… hopefully someone else will know :o)

Love that hat btw!!!

Great hat :slight_smile:
You could maybe use this ?

Here is the pattern, hope it works! I used worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles (12" circular and dpn when decreasing.)

It worked just fine :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:
1 question though…the section under the hat pic has only 11 boxes…the pattern is a repeat of 12 right ?

Lovely work. I’m impressed with your design skills.

Sorry about that. The repeat is the section one to the right of the picture. It should show up bordered in red.

It has a red border, jsut wanted to make sure :slight_smile: It’s a beautiful pattern :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful! Thank you!

It IS beautiful!! congrats on your own design! Wow … thanks!

Looks like I didn’t come up with it first! Here is a link to the same idea in different colors!

Fair Isle Pattern

I do apologize for thinking I had come up with it first. However, I think I see one error in this one. The cast on should be 108 and not 100? Since the repeat is 12, 100 wouldn’t work.


Gorgeous hat! Thanks for the pattern :slight_smile:

That is great! It’s easy to post on Ravelry, and if you have a Google account, or something like that where people can access your docs, link to it there. If you need help on Ravelry I’m an editor there and can add it for you. Contact me there if you do. BEAUTIFUL hat. I’ve been meaning to try a stranded hat!

Very pretty! Good design work and knitting!