Dental implants..good or bad?

My dentist is recommending an implant!!! I am sooooo scared… I am a big baby when it comes to pain…One friend said to look into a marilyn bridge instead?? Does anyone have any experience with dental implants… or marilyn bridge? thanks

I have a friend in Texas who has had four or five implants (I’m headed that way). She doesn’t get the novacaine shots, because she says there’s not that much pain involved, but others have told me different. Once she’s home she takes “a” Tylenol and naps.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

I know people who have them and they said it wasn’t bad at all.

I plan to get them myself when I can afford it.

Oh, one thing about them, they work better if the tooth is removed first :mrgreen:

I’m going to be getting an implant (probably within the next year) and although it makes me nervous too, my dentist assures me that it is absolutely the healthiest option for the teeth/gums (and he’s not the one who does it, so he’s not making money from it) because the implant will act like a real tooth and will thus prevent bone loss, etc.

Personally, I am not interested in having the healthy surrounding teeth “ground down” so that a bridge can be put in – to me, that sounds very unpleasant.

I’ve heard countless success stories about the implants and the hygienist at my dentist’s office is also very pro-implant (he said that you can clean/floss an implant just like a regular tooth, whereas sometimes with bridges, stuff can get trapped underneath and that just sounds nasty, lol).

Anyway, I hope that helps!

Implants are fabulous if you don’t smoke and you don’t have any type of periodontal disease. Basically, if you lost a tooth to injury or decay and the surrounding teeth are healthy as are the tissues you will have success. Smokers have less success and are more susceptible to implant failure. The implant surgery isn’t as bad as it sounds, it’s kind of like getting a wisdom tooth out. The time in the chair from start to finish of the whole procedure from initial consult and initial impressions to final seating of the implant crown can be a drain since it takes a few months (healing and all) and you’ll probably be seeing a couple of dentists (one surgeon and a general dentist). Once it’s complete though it’s just like having a natural tooth. Good luck in whatever you decide.

My DS19 is getting 5 in September. He was missing permanent teeth. I’m not worried about the procedure itself, I’m more concerned about the cost. Medical insurance will pay for the implant (80% + the deductible) dental insurance will pay only a small part of the prosthesis. Implants total are $10,400. and prosthesis are $1,300.00 each! Thats correct ,the total is $16,900.00!!! It is a great thing to have, but the cost is absolutely absurd! I’m thinking we will pay between $8,000.00 & $9,000.00 out of pocket. I’ve been freaking out about this for several months now. We will be making payments for a long time. Oh and he has never even had a cavity. He still has braces on, so when all is said and done he will have over $23,000.00 in his mouth! It just blows my mind. Sorry I got off on a rant, it just all came spilling out.
As for the bridge, I would be concerned about the adjacent teeth. Also, bridges do need to be replaced at some point and there is a lot more maintenance with them.

I used to work in the administration office of an implant dentist, and saw several successful implants. If I could afford one, I would get one or two myself. :thumbsup: They are awesome!

I’ve had two successfully and am trying to save for two more. The last quote a few months ago was $2000 for each plus the abutments put in by my regular dentist plus the crowns to go on them. Looks like it will be pretty close to $6000 when they are done. May have to just get one this fall and the other whevever with gas prices the way they are… Was hoping to have them both put in this fall.

Must say the process wasn’t too bad. The periodontist who does the implants did the extractions. After 40 years of being too afraid to go the the dentist, with God’s help I finally mustered up the courage to get my teeth taken care of. DH was a dental tech for about 20 years, but I was too scared to go. I would have preferred childbirth to a dental visit.

Good for you. Glad you got the courage to go. I am 52 so I have a lot of big fillings in my teeth that are on their last leg(?) Anyway, my dentist told me that eventually they will have to have crowns on all of them. I just had the prep for another one. I hate the pain, but it’s not a lot of pain, when you think about it. A little pain for the pain shot and maybe, it’s not enough and they make a nerve jump. Then when they give you another shot, it’s over. I think we just get tense and nervous.

I had a consultation … I was shocked at how expensive it is and I don’t think insurance will help… I told him if he wants to keep me quiet he better knock me out…so I have my tooth pulled in a little over a week… then I have to decide what I want to do…My tooth hurts…I am such a big baby…

Pat, could that be a “Maryland” bridge you’re talking about? If so, I got one about 25 years ago that lasted for 18 years. I had no problems with it at all. When you floss your teeth, you just use a floss threader (available at drugstores) to get the floss under the bridge. Easy!
I understand that people who are missing a tooth and have sound teeth on each side are the best candidates. There’s no surgery involved. The dentist roughens up the backs of the teeth on each side to help the adhesive bond the bridge’s “wings” to your teeth.
The only reason I still don’t have that one is because I didn’t realize it had loosened and a cavity formed underneath one of the wings. After that, the Maryland bridge was no longer an option. I’d get another one in a heartbeat, but I’d get in the habit of trying to jiggle it occasionally to make sure it hadn’t loosened!

Denise , thanks for your information… I asked the dentist about the Marilyn bridge, and he said since I have crowns on both sides, I would have to do lots of work on those teeth (remove crowns put new ones on, etc… so the bridge could work well… the cost will probably be more for that…I am still researching the option though, and it is very encouraging that your bridge lasted that long…did you eventually have to get an implant?

Pat, sorry not to reply right away but I’ve been away a few days! The dentist said I had two options: 1) an implant with a filling in the tooth next to it that got the cavity. or 2) a regular bridge with the teeth on each side crowned and a “falsie” in the middle.

I would have liked to get the implant, but my insurance covered more of the regular bridge, so guess which I got? Yep, the bridge!:wink:

i had a tooth out yesterday, and it wasnt too bad, i had jad a root canal done a week before and it didnt work, it is a back toth so we havent discussed if im going to replace it or not yet, was in a lot of pain, before and i cant talk much today , to sore, my hubby says yea peace. lol


I had an implant a few years ago on a front tooth. Long story short…it was damaged as a child, roopt canel, crowned a couple of times and then I had problems. The tooth had to be removed and that had to heal before the implant could be done. It was a long process. The actual work wasn’t toooo bad. In all honesty, it was the best thing I could have done. I can bite into and apple now! I couldn’t do that with the crowns I had. I don’t know how the bridge would’ve done because I haven’t had one, but if I ever needed to choose again, I would definitely go with the implant regardless of any and all negatives. :hug:

Thanks so much for the info… I go in Monday for the extraction…
then I need to heal for 3 months before the implant…(so I can save some $$)!!! It sure helps to hear others have gone through this…

The doctor I used to work for did a neat thing with his patients. After their implants healed, he would take them out for a steak dinner! Some of them had not had steak in a long time, because their traditional dentures prevented it.

Wow… I love steak… I guess I will have to chew on one side for awhile…

Maybe I should show this to my dentist when I have the next implants done. I want to go to Ruth Chris. :teehee: Their commercials sound sooooo delicious. Have never been. However, the nearest one to us is about 50 miles away.