Dental crowns

No it’s not an off-topic thread misplaced.

I’m wondering about the mold and if I can knit while it’s setting up.

My sister says they won’t let me look down because it will change my jaw position, so no.
Anyone of you knitting junkies know different?

This sounds like it will be an all day affair and I’m wondering if I should bring knitting anyway to keep my hands and mind occupied during the breaks between the steps (my mind free to roam in a doctor’s office is a dangerous thing even on Xanax).

Why not just bring the work up to the front of your face? You don’t NEED to look down. Bring the work up.

The last time I had crown work done, there was plenty of time to knit in between steps. At one point, the dentist put the chair in a more upright position for me because there was going to be some down time while she was with another patient or working on the temporary crown or I was waiting for the cement to set up on the temporary crown-- I don’t remember exactly, but I do remember having time to knit.

I don’t remember it taking a lot of time for the mold to firm up --a few minutes at most. But there was plenty of time to knit while the dentist saw other patients…or took calls…or did whatever dentists do when they overbook. So yes, take your knitting; even with a quick-setting mold material you’ll probably be spending a ridiculous amount of time in the chair.

First of all I’d call the office and tell them your concerns and find out if it’s acceptable.

I have a bunch of crowns and it didn’t take long at all. As I recall though they do sit you up because your mouth is closed and they don’t want saliva running down your throat. IMO it’s not really enough time to get out your knitting. If you have it in your hands from waiting for the doctor come in you might have enough time for a few stitches or rows depending the project. I wouldn’t do anything that you can’t stop in the middle of though. I don’t think they’d be very happy if you told them “just let me finish this row.” :teehee:

I just had one done and wondered the same thing myself. I think there was time and opportunity if I had wanted to.

Honestly? I have more crowns than the House of Windsor and I don’t remember having that much free time between various procedures. But, you could always take it with you - just in case - the dentist had an emergency patient, etc.

I also don’t remember much time while the mold set up. I take a paperback with me and usually don’t get much time to read anyway. I have to go back for 2 more crowns this year and will take a book as the position of the chair is not conducive to knitting for me.

I share this opinion…

I find that I can never get as immersed in anything that I want when I do these sorts of things…I once took a DS to an appointment I figured I would be waiting long for, I barely got it turned on before I was called in.

Murphys law dictates, if you bring it, you won’t have time, if you don’t bring it…you will…

But as always, I feel that even though sometimes it feels like you are waiting forever, it really isn’t…

I barely had time to breathe during mine. The mold process took about 3 minutes tops. I was amazed. Then the dentist had a bunch of work to do in my mouth because I had broken a tooth on a piece of popcorn and needed repair work done. I didn’t have time to do anything.

That’s how it works when I bring a book deer hunting.
Maybe I should bring it just so the teeth get done fast. :slight_smile:

Socks are my KIP thing and the most I need to finish is one more stitch to get it on the inside sock, but even there that’s just so I don’t have to look when I pick it up the next time.
Getting one or two needles done would be worth bringing it just to avoid the idle mind. (Unless I take his suggested 4 Xanax before going in which case I’d be asleep before I got there until I was back home.)

I wish I could knit without looking.

I told my sister my real friends online told me to take the knitting :mrgreen:

My dentist hands me my knitting bag between procedures. :happydance: I knit while I sit in the waiting room, I knit while I wait for the novacaine to take effect, etc.

I don’t knit while he’s actually got his hands in my mouth, because I don’t want him to call the psych center. :lol:

I just had a crown done and the mold part took about 2 minutes. The stuff sets up fast. It’s all the drilling beforehand that takes a while.

:roflhard: This totally made my day. And I needed that.

I always take my knitting to the dentist and usually can bang at least a couple rows out of whatever I am working on. I just leave it in my lap- it’s not like it’s in their way or anything. That way if I have time- I knit.

That’s the only way I finish anything- taking my knitting EVERYWHERE!

ETA= Mike! We’re real! Really we are! LOL

Just had a couple done this past summer. Took my knitting with me as always and worked on it while waiting my turn. Then got a row or three in while the form set up. It wasn’t long, but I know if I don’t bring it with me, he’s sure to have an emergency patient come in and I’d be twiddling my thumbs.