Dental anxiety

I am about to confess that I have a fairly strong fear of the dentist. I go to my check ups and suffer through the maintainace. But today I had to have dental work. Last time-3 or 4 years ago- I was a basket case and cried. So today I took ativan. Firts time trying this method. It is still in my system. I am tired, yet not, relaxed, yet aware. Let me tell you that knitting is rather slow just now. I hope I make sense. I have to be coherrant enough with good balance to get my daughter from school 2:30.
Oh the appointment went fine. 3 fillings replaced and two ridges filled. Only two moments of surprising pain and tears. Not bad for me. I cooperated and stayed in the chair. My husband drove me to and from.

Feels like a silly do nothing day. I watched HP and the sorcerers stone and tried to knit.


:hug::hug: Aw. Bless your heart and your teeth. I find the dentist unpleasant but I force myself to go. I am white-knucle patient–I literally ripped the arm off the dental chair once I was so tense. My dentist doesn’t give meds, but he does have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for use with long procedures–it makes me :passedout: But at least his furniture is safe that way.:teehee:

I’ve never minded the dentist and usually fall asleep in the chair.

It’s good you go despite your fears. That’s the definition of courage.

I worked in dentistry for years, believe me it’s no picnic from the other aspect either. It’s just not a pleasant thing for either party when someone is hesitant with dentistry. I makes for a real tense day. Taking a premed of something like antivan is a good way to take the edge off though and helps everyone.
If you still feel funky, I’d get someone to drive you to your daughter’s school though. Glad everything went ok. :hug:

I know I’m one of those patients the staff talks about when they leave the office. I always apologize to the staff for being so tense, always remind them who I am (the tense lady) and if I made their job harder, I’m really sorry. I don’t want to be a bad patient–honestly–I truly wish I was able to relax and not be so tense. I’m very co-operative–do everything the dentistand staff tells me to do while there–spit here, open wider, turn this way----I’m just TENSE. The chair arm thing was just a fluke–the dentist stills laughs about it and I kid him that he better be careful or I’ll beat him with the closest piece of furniture I can lay my hands on :teehee:

DH and I had check-up appointments yesterday. I thought for sure I had a couple of cavities, but it turns out I just have some sensitive teeth. It is DH who is back at the dentist at this moment getting two crowns and a filling. It doesn’t bother him at all, but I was so relieved everything was fine with me this time because I am the nervous one at the dentist’s office.

Well, you made it through the appointment. Good for you. :thumbsup:

I’ve never had any problems with the dentist, even when I was a kid. And, I’ve had pretty extensive dental work done. However, I began seeing a new dentist a couple of years ago, and my first visit, the hygenist had me in tears by the time I left. Just from a cleaning! I think she must have trained in the Army 40 years ago. She wasn’t that rough pysically, but she really talked down to me about flossing (which I do - and she basically accused me of lying about) and saying that I was going to lose all my teeth if I don’t do better. Anyway, I told them I didn’t want to have her again, and found out that she was just filling in for one of the other girls who was out. 3 or 4 visits later, guess who calls me back? I froze like a deer in the headlights and said “just a minute” and walked away from her. Because hubby and I had appointments at the same time, I asked him to go back with her. He did and had no problems. (He VERY SELDOM flosses!!) She thought his teeth looked great. :grrr:

Also, I’ve been wanting to have some cosmetic things done, and I went through getting molds made and all that stuff and they were going to see how much insurance would cover. They never called to let me know anything, and I didn’t mention it again because I was starting to think about changing dentists. I never changed, for various reasons, then a year later, they ask me why didn’t I go through with it…I told them because they never let me know what they found out, and the woman kind of hmmmphd about it and said they would resubmit and contact me. That was about 4 months ago. I’m due to go back in December, but I am thinking of changing dentists, again. There is a new dentist (young and just starting out) closer to home…I would really like to get veneers or crowns or whatever to have a drop dead gorgeous smile. My teeth look ok, but I would love for them to be beautiful.

Oooh…sorry this got so long!!

I’m not sure how many there are out there like her – but my dad’s wife was a dentist (she’s now retired) and is also a licensed hypnotist. She saw all sorts of patients who had dental anxiety and used hypnosis to alleviate it. She also used it to control bleeding after extractions – totally fascinating.

Oh that is too cool! I’ve been told I’m an excellent candidate for hypnosis…I didn’t know they did such things for dentistry!

There was a dentist in our area that did that. Our office staff was friends with his office and we’d talk about our offices over lunch. :teehee: His staff said that alot of his patients used his hypnosis and it worked so well. I wish I would have gotten a chance to see it in action, it sounded like a really great way to deal with the stress of dentistry without drugs.

oddly… i really like going to the dentist. my teeth feel so delicious after it’s over. HOWEVER i did go for a LONG time without going. My excuse was that i didn’t understand my insurance at that time (it was true really…lol) so i didn’t know what was covered and all that.

WHen i was in high school i had to have a root canal done. The dentist didn’t give me any sort of drugs at all for it, and i seriously giggled all the way through. i was completey freaked out before going because i had heard horror stories of teeth drilling (it was the first time i had ever had a tooth drilled.) but it didn’t hurt at all. he said the reason was that my tooth was already dead so there was nothing to cause pain. but the vibration of the drill tickled which caused the giggling. He said he had never had anybody giggle when he was drilling their tooth before.

I do have a few dental issues that i need to take care of or want to take care of. I would like to get braces again to straighten my teeth but they told me that they would also have to break my jaw in order to do it. Umm… no…lol. I need to have perfectly good wisdom teeth pulled too because there are no lower wisdom teeth so nothing to stop them from growing. I am not terribly excited about that because i keep hearing horror stories of dry socket. one of these days though i will get it all done.

maybe! (it sounds like i would be out of work for quite a bit if i had that oral surgery done and i am not sure i can bring myself to do that!)… yeah i am sick

I love my dentist. :happydance: Every procedure I’ve had, from regular cleanings to a root canal, have all been pain free.
I’ve had some pretty rough dentists in the past that have made me cry… but, this new-ish dentist is so good at what he does.
I’ve been very cavity prone my whole life so I’ve had tons and tons of fillings. Drilling was never really too bad for me. The things I hated most were cleanings (some dentists just scrape too hard and too high) and getting the shots of Novocaine. My dentist has this injection method that makes you feel nothing. It’s amazing. And he is unbelievably gentle, yet thorough when it comes to cleaning.
It’s definitely a good idea to find a highly recommended dentist so you can have less stressful and less painful visits.
Now, the only thing I don’t like about the dentist is the amount of time I spend in the chair. I’ve had 3 hour procedures! o_O Maybe next time I’ll bring my knitting.