Denise vs Options vs Addi?

I have grown rather tired of my denise needles. I feel like the cords are stiff and like to stay in the same shape that they are in the box even though I am knitting with them. SOOOOO what should I buy? I have a set of the KP double points and LOVE them. Tell me how to spend my money wisely!!!

I don’t have the Addi’s but from seeing how much they cost, I would go with the Options. I love my Options and they are pretty affordable since they come with so many needle tips and cables. But if you find the Addi’s for a lower price or you just like them better, you could buy those.

I too am very unhappy with my Denise. I recently started picking up Addi’s on ebay and :heart:[B]I LOVE THEM[/B] :heart:. You can get them at a very reasonable price. So I’ve decided to heck with interchangeable needles and will continue collecting Addi’s.

You should order one or two tips in the OPtions and also the wood Harmonies, plus a set of cables. See how you like them. If they are what you are looking for then order a set.

The Options are pointirer than the Addis and, IMHO, the cables have less memory and therefore more pliable. I have an Options fixed circular size 3 stored with an Addis size 3 and an Addis Lace size 3. They are all wrapped the same way. If I take all three out of the case and hold them up by one needle the 2 Addis remain slightly coiled while the OPtions hands straight.



I love my Addi’s !!![/COLOR][/B]

I love love love my Addi’s too!

I love my Addi’s but I also love my Options.:shrug:

I’d go with Options. For me, it’s all about the cable.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, What to do,What to do??? They are ALL still cheaper than my husbands fishing rods!!:woot::rofl:

Buy both? Or buy both the metal and wood Options…

I LOVE my Addi’s … but they are rather expensive … so I tried the KP Options and I LOVE them just as much (if not more)

Me too.

Addis and Options are basically the same thing, but I’ve noticed that the Options are not as super-slippery as Addis are. But, I love both of them, and a third favorite is the coated Inox aluminum.

So, if your budget is limited, go for the Options. Heck, if your budget isn’t limited, go for the Options. They are great.

I love the few sets of Addis I have, but when I decided to get a set of interchangeables I decided to try Denise. I returned them immediately – they just couldn’t compare. Then my husband bought me a set of Options for my birthday, and I’m in love with them! I like them even better than the Addis because of the sharper tips. And the price and customer service can’t be beat.

My vote is for the Options. I’ve tried almost every needle there is, and these really are superior. I took forever to buy them - long enough that they came out with a wooden version. I’ll get to those at some point – but I LOVE my Options. They’re the best of all possible worlds. Fast, great join, smooth, and pointy.

I don’t like ANY metal needles with Cotton or cotton blend yarns, so I’ll likely still get the wood version at some point. Plus I like the new case they came out with a little better anyway. :shifty:

I always hated the Denise needles. They get a nod because they were my first interchangeable set, but I never loved them. I ultimately gave them away. The join always bothered me, and the needles were super sticky feeling. It was almost like they were coated with adhesive at times. Blech.

My first set of interchangeables were Denise as well. I was never completely happy with them though. I felt like the cord was too fat and the needles tend to be grabby. For some project I bought an Addi circ and loved it, but they are expensive. A few months ago I bought a couple cords and tips of the Options and love those, too!

In the last few months I find that I am avoiding projects where I’d have to use the Denise so I knew it was time to move on. I just ordered the Options two days ago! Wooooo!!!

I am in love with my options, but there are some splitty yarns that I definitely use Addi’s for. The Denise’s don’t do it for me, though they are perfectly functional needles. :slight_smile:

If I only had the money to buy one set of any, I would go with the Harmony Options. Slick and warm, pointy but not too much.

I think you’ll love them, Jan. I’m sorry I waited so long. I tested them too, but I already had so many needles it felt frivolous to get the whole set. Now, I don’t know how I survived. cloud9

I want the bamboo ones SO BADLY, but I’ll restrain myself and just get a few of my most common sizes.

So…! Options it is!!! I am quite sure I can find some yarn that I NEED to try my new needles !!:cheering: Works for me!!