Denise Socks

I want to make a pair of socks using magic loop and a Denise Interchangable needle (I don’t hate wood and don’t really like metal), would the cord be flexible enough for this? If not, do you have a different plastic needle I should try? Finally if using worsted weight yarn (thick socks), what would be the needle size to use?


Knit On!

Hi! I have done a small bit of ML using Denise needles, and while I wouldn’t say its ideal, it is do-able. I personally am a loose knitter, so I would use a size 5 needle (the smallest Denise needles come in) for worsted weight socks.

Oh, and I would do one sock at a time using Denise needles,~ I think two at a time might be unwieldy with the thicker cord.Jmho, though!

Good luck!

Socks are sturdier when done tighter so I’d opt for a smaller needle. I have Denise (don’t use them anymore though) and I didn’t care for the stiffness of the cable when doing ML although as bookwork says it is doable.

FWIW, I just made a pair of Fetching using the 2 circ method and my denise needles (i have 2 sets). It wasn’t painful, but I do remember thinking, several times, that i wished the cables were thinner. :shrug:

I’ve used my Denise set for 2 circ method many times w/no issues. I’ve never done ML, but as has been said, I expect it would be do-able if the cable were particularly long, though not pleasant.

I’ve also never made socks with size 5 needles - it would definitely be a housesock or slipper type sock.

I used my Denise set for the socks on Silver’s tutorial on toe-up 2 at a time socks. I used my size 5s and worsted weight yarn.

It’s doable. I like ML better with my Options because of the thinner cable but you can most certainly use the Denise’s for ML.

I also found Denise okay for two circ method. ML for me was virtually impossible because the cables are not very flexible and the needle tip kept separating from the cable, but I’m a tight knitter so that may be the bigger issue. I like socks tight-knit to last longer, so I use the smallest needle I can for whatever yarn I’m using.