Denise Set for Sale! **lowered price** SOLD

I’m selling my blue Denise Set of needles.

got them last year, and only used them once. set of needles and shipping (in 48 states of US) will be $35.
i take paypal or knitpicks gift certificates!! :smiley:

send me a message or reply here! :smiley:
you are enabling the growth of my stash! :muah:


I PM’d you about these earlier. Are they still available?

i didn’t get a notice in my email! :shrug:
i pm’d you back! sorry about that delay! :pout:

No worries - I think we’re in different time zones so theres bound to be a delay :teehee:

I just PM’d you back - and I’m off to work for a couple of hours but I’ll be back home in 5 hours roughly.

Are these sold? If not, would you ship to Canada for the same?


sorry! i was coming online today to post that i sold these! :frowning:

I changed your topic title so it now says sold :slight_smile:

thank you, hildegard!
:oops: :shrug: :teehee: