Denise or knitpicks!?

I’m looking for a set of interchangable needles and am trying to decide between the knitpicks harmony wood interchangeables or the denise interchangables…any thoughts or ideas??:thumbsup:

KP Harmonies, for sure! But then, I don’t care for knitting with plastic, which is what I understand Denise to be. If that’s what you like, you’ll be happier with the Denise. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

There are several threads, and I think at least one sticky, comparing interchangeables.

It really comes down to what material you like to work with. I do not like knitting with plastic needles in any form, so the Denise would be completely off my list. Knitpicks sells their tips in acrylic (Zephyr), wood (Harmony) or metal (Nickel-plated). Of the 3, the nickel-plated as my absolute favorite, but metal is my choice for knitting needles, anyway.

Other than that, the tips range is about the same. The cord lengths in the Denise go as small as 17", whereas the Knitpicks only go down to 24". If you want shorter lengths in Knitpicks, then you have to buy additional fixed circulars. The Knitpicks will cost you more money when all is said and done. But as I heard someone once say (or maybe it was here on knittinghelp!)-- knitting needles do not go bad. They will last you a life time unless you break them, and so spending $150 instead of $100 over the years makes sense, if you get what you enjoy using.

As mentioned above, they are completely different to knit on, since one is of wood and the other of a plastic/resin. Have you tried both to see if you actually like knitting on either of them?

yeah…Im not big on plastics or resins myself and I have trouble on metals b/c I tend to drop stitches on them…I prefer bamboo so I think the KP Harmony may be my choice…a real shame though about the cable size…It’s actually the 16 inch I need HAHA so I have to think about this some more… :frowning:

You can get the KnitPro needles and cables in the 40cm sizes (20cm cables and shorter tips). You’ll have to find a European retailer.

I have both and totally prefer the Harmony’s over Denise. I do like how the cable just clicks into place with the Denise set, but, after having my cables fall off my needles a couple times, I don’t feel very safe using my Denise needles (especially since the cable falling off resulted in a LOT of dropped stitches!). I haven’t had any problems so far with the KP Harmony needles and I love the way they feel. I fell in love with the feel of the Harmony needles at once but the Denise took some getting used to…Also, the tips of a few of my Denise needles have become roughed up because the plastic is peeling. I have heard there are problems with the KP needles coming loose from the join but I haven’t experienced that so far. Really it’s down to preference but if I had to make a recommendation, I’d say the Knit Picks Harmony’s!

You mentioned you prefer bamboo and there are a couple of bamboo interchangeable sets that I know of. One is the KA Switch and the other is one that just came out from Webs. I’ve never used either any of these sets but have heard good reviews about them.

You can always order one set of tips and your 16" cable from knit picks. It is fairly inexpensive. That way you can try them out before you invest in an entire set. This is what I did when I was deciding between the harmonies and the nickle tips. I decided to go with nickle, but I do find it handy to have an additional set of size 8 nickels and size 6 wood. Definitley not a waste of money. I LOVE MY OPTIONS! Never tried Denise, but I knit tight so plastic is annoying for me. And wood slows me down.

whichever you get, make sure you also get a bottle of gorilla glue… one of the women in my knitting group was using her knit picks options and the metal end that holds the cable came right off the needle.

My (one pair) of Harmonies came apart so I super-glued them back in. No problems since. I really like the Options, tho.

[B]Harmony? [U]vs[/U] Denise?[/B]

It’s like comparing apples to bowling balls.

[SIZE=6][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=5]Harmony’s all the way! [/SIZE]:woohoo:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I love my KP options. I have the nickle plated and they are so nice to work with!

Well put!:slight_smile: