Denise or KnitPicks?

My birthday is in October, my wonderful mom always gets me a nice present. Since I’ve learned to knit she wanted to get me a set of interchangable needles now, instead of waiting.

If you’ve used both Denise and KnitPicks, which do you prefer?

I’ve never knitting on plastic needles. I have both bamboo and metal, and really don’t have a preference.

ETA: I LOVE the look of KnitPicks and the idea of the smooth metal - my concern is the size of cables they offer - the smallest size is 24".

I haven’t used both, but the Denise needles are more of a resin that regular old plastic. They are very smooth and lightweight and large variety of cord lengths.

Both! =P

OK heres the deal with both of these:

Denise: Not plastic, they are resin they are warm the the touch the cable clicks in easily and you can attach two cables together to make a longer cable. With SOME natural fibers (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran) the cable can be a bit “grabby” on the yarn and makes knitting hard going - constantly having to pull it round. With slippy yarns (such as Plymouth Royal Bamboo) they are a dream.

Knitpicks Options: Metal, hollow nickel plated, range of sizes and cable sizes (why would you need smaller than 24"? That could make knitting hard!) - these are lightweight, cool in the hand, very smooth join, very flexible cable similar to Addi Turbos. They go like lightning - put the same yarn on that you put on the denise which was grabby, watch it smoothly glide over the cable and needles with relative ease. Stick the Plymouth Royal Bamboo on them and expect to drop all your stitches repeatedly because its that slippy! For natural fibers with something such as Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran these were a dream to work with.

I know that doesn’t say to you “get this one!” but it does give an idea to you.

Only you know what kind of knitter you are - ie what kind of fibers you are working with. IMHO I would say go with the denise simply because they are useable for all fibers even if they are a bit ‘grabby’ for the cashmerino aran. If you only had knitpicks and had a very slippy yarn it would cause much frustration.

I have both and love both equally. I also have the Boye set and I hate it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I could see where 24" cables might be longish. When you put the tips on them you’re adding 8-10" making the needle 32-24" long. A 16" cable would give you about a 24-26" needle.


I have both Denises and KnitPicks Options…I love, love the Options set and recommend them hands down…without hesitation because I prefer the nickle plated metal and the wonderfully tapered, sharp points on the needles.
Now, if you want to get more of a cable range…go for the Denises, but, they are not nearly as slick as the Options.

I have a denise set, but just had to try out the options so I got some size 4 and 17 needles (since I don’t already have those in denise), and the 24" and 36" cables.

The options cables are much, much thinner and more supple than the denises. They also seem a lot more secure. (Some of the denise cords are constantly coming apart when I’m in the middle of knitting, which is soooooo annoying.) I have one set of addis (wanted to see what the hype was about), and I didn’t care for the bend near the needle/cord join or the floppiness of the cord.

I do wish the options cables came in smaller lengths – for sleeves and hats and such. But I successfully used magic loop to do some sleeves recently, and it really wasn’t so bad. I think with the flexibility of the options, it would be a breeze.

As for the needle portion, I think I still prefer my denises, at least so far. I used the size 17 options last night and they were so clanky! (Probably because they’re so big and hollow – the other sizes are probably not as loud.) They also seem incredibly slippery, but part of the awkwardness may have been due the fact that I’m just so used to the denises, and also because I have never used needles quite that large before. Another limitation of the options cords is that you can’t link them together to make a longer cord as you can with the denises. It really comes in handy when you want to unbunch the work to see how it’s going.

I thought that if I really liked the options, I might hock my denises, but the jury is still out right now. I think what KP should do is to offer bamboo or resin needles that fit with the options cords. I could see a lot of people wanting a set of each to use with different kinds of yarns. (Oh yeah, they should also figure out a way to stamp the sizes on the needles. And offer shorter cords. Then they’d be perfect!)

janelanes…you ought to contact Denise customer serice about the cables coming apart from the needles…that has never happend to me and I use mine a ton. You may have a defective set and all of their items have a lifetime warranty.

Thanks, kemp. You’re probably right. It seems like it mostly happens with the 17" cord, but occasionally with others. (Of course, maybe it just seems that way because I use that one most!) I have to figure out a way to test them systematically to see which ones might be faulty, I guess.

I’d call them first before you go to all that trouble…they may just tell you to send them all on or maybe they know by the numbers if it was in a “bad” batch or something.

:doh: Oh duh! I think you just saved me from wasting a lot of time!

My $.02 on cable size: I use my 17" Denise length (that’s measured needle tip to needle tip) more than any other size now, and I can’t imagine living without it. Perfect for hats and baby sweaters.

I’ve not yet tried out the KP set. Someone said that the cable is more flexible than Addi’s, in which case it would be the best set out there for Magic Loop knitting, if that’s one’s prefered method of smaller diameter knitting. I don’t think I’d like having a min. 24" cable, though. It’s a good practical size to have, but I’d ALSO want smaller. Most sets at least go down to 20" tip-to-tip. The Addi-type needle tip sure does sound nice though! I’ll have to get one and try it out so I can better review…

:doh: Oh duh! I think you just saved me from wasting a lot of time![/quote]

Forgive me if this question comes out sounding like you don’t know what you are doing… :oops: I read someone on here saying they were having that problem too and it was asked if they are making sure they hear the “click” (or at least feel it) when they twist the cord in. If you don’t hear the click they aren’t going to be secured.

I have the Boye set, the Knitpicks Options and the Denise set. The Boye I could live without, but I’m still going to hold onto it, just in case. I’ve been using the Options exclusively since I got them, but I can see that they will probably be too slippery for some types of yarn, so I will definitely keep my Denise set.

I remember that post. I hear a very soft click. I think some of the contact points are just not quite tight enough or something. I’ve been meaning to contact denise for a while now but I’ve just been lazy about it, plus I wanted to wait until I figured out which ones were giving me problems before I did. But kemp made a good point, so I think I’ll email them today. Sorry to the OP for getting off topic!

Thanks everyone! I’ve pretty much decided to get the KnitPicks. I think it’s a better fit for me, both sets have pros and cons, and perhaps I’ll be able to get Denise later - it seems that having both sets is a good idea.

I do wonder though, if you have the Options, does it have a guarantee? I know the Denise needles are guaranteed for life - are the KnitPicks? I’ve not been able to find the info on their website.

I have the Denise and I just love them. I knit fast so I really do not need to have my yarns moving any faster on the needles. :teehee: I almost use them for ALL of my projects. My second favorite needles are wood and bamboo. The Denise is all I will ever need. :cheering:

I have a couple of the Options–the 13s and the 8s, with the 24" cable and the 40". I have the Boye set, and I have 2 addis of differing sizes.

I DON’T like the Boye’s–one of the ends of the cables got STUCK in the end of the needle and BROKE off in it!! YES! But, the yarns DON’T slide and slip off the Boyes. The cables are hard and NOT easy to slide yarn on.

The addis are great–but expensive and not interchangeable.

THe Options–I’ve used so far–I have no complaints at all with, except the length of the cables–(not short enough)–but everything else about them I love.

I have NO Denises–and I’d love to have the set, but I’m trying to find a used set that isn’t so expensive!! I got the Boye’s off eBAy long ago for only $30 with shipping!! So, now I’m looking for a set of Denises for about that!!