Denise needles size 6

I purchased my Denise interchangeables a little over a year ago when I started knitting. I just noticed that I seem to have two sets of size 7. I am using the Knit Picks needle sizer, but I assume they’re all the same. Have any other Denise users had that problem? The needles that are marked 6 will not fit through the US 6 (4mm) opening at all.

Hmm, can’t say I’ve noticed that problem with my Denise set. Have you tried e-mailing them?

I think it may be Denises that are off a little, they’re 4.25 mm I sorta remember. If you have a sizer with mm you might be able to check that, if that size is included.

Oh, I wondered if there could be a difference between needle sets. I’ll have to check in mms. Thanks!