Denise & Magic Loop?

I read somewhere that you can’t do magic loop with Denise needles. Is this true? 'Cause that would be unbelievably sad (though it would also be a reason to look into getting KP Options. . . ).

Any thoughts?

I could always just try it, but I’ve got 4 projects on needles at the moment and don’t think it’d be the best plan to fire up another just now.

I have done magic loop with my denises I just used the connector to attach two cable and it worked great!

I’ve used them successfully for ML too. :thumbsup:

Oh good! Because I love love love my Denises! Glad to hear it!

I bought the 40" cord specifically to do magic loop with my denise needles. They also have a 54" cord depending on what you are planning to do.

I have done magic loop on my Denise’s…I also have the two extra long cords although you could piece together the existing cords. Wonder who put that rumor out there??? Certainly not true.

I have also done Magic Loop with my Denises, no problem. At first I used the connector to connect the two longest cables, but then I bought the 52" cable specifically for magic loop. :happydance: