Denise, Knitpicks, Addi....what do you use?

Just wondering.

THANKS! :smiley:

I use KnitPicks and Addis. I pretty much only use nickel-plated needles, because they are so fast.

I keep hearing that…hmmmm, I may have to try them out. I want to knit FAST! lol

knitpicks = :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


I have some Addi’s, but I’m definitely all over the nickel plated needle thing. It’s just soooo fast and easy to knit with them.

LOL, are you trying to convince me!!! I am using Denise now…hmm, another set would come in handy lol

Ok, these are now in my shopping cart, but they don’t come with the shorter cords, would I be able to use my Denise cords with these tips, if I needed a shorter cord?


I had THREEEEE sets of denise needles, one that i bought, one my mother gifted me with, and one i bought when KP was clearing their stock. I loved the Denise needles. the only thing i did not like was the super thick cord. if their cord was thinner like the KPOs i would have never made the switch. I was very sad when i put my last set of Denise needles in the mail to travel to their new home. I almost went out immediately and bought another set to make myself feel better about it…lol

but i have, essentially, two sets of the KPOs now (with duplicate needles in most of the smaller sizes) so i have gotten over it! :wink:

okay and i just read your question. some have successfully shortened their own cords on them… i always just use 2 circs for circular knitting… and a lot got the longer cords and are using them for magic loop!

KP Options for me!!! :happydance: :happydance:

No, you can’t use Option tips with Denise cables.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

You guys are BAD!!! lol, tee hee

I have the Denise’s and loved them :teehee: then I woke up on Christmas morning and had the options… my poor Denise’s have not seen their case open since that day… I looovvee the options… and you can keep adding to them when you want to or when you can… my binder is so full it won’t even close :rofl: I keep the small dpn options in there too… they are my favorite dpn now as well… :happydance:

You all sold me. I ordered some…lol I will let you know when I get them lol

I think you’ll love them!! I do!! If there is a problem their customer service is fantastic.

Thanks!!! I wonder how fast I will get them? tee hee

I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Options. I love Knit Picks anyway, fast shipping and great customer service. I haven’t tried Addis yet, though.

I can not WAIT to get them. I will finish what I am working on but will not start on ANYTHING else until they get here…gosh…I need them FAST! lol

I really like my Denises’ b/c I don’t care for metal/slick needles too much… although I have tho ught about since I am using cotton now and it doesn’t slide as easily over my denises’

That is what really convinced me to get them lol

Geeeez I feel like an old dinosaur, I still have only the one set of Boyes! But I have my first pair of Addi’s that I’m addicted to…

and I’ve gone and lost all but the short circular part of the Boyes can you imagine, they’re lost somewhere in some knitting projects so … hmmmmm, these Knitpicks are sounding awfully tempting…

Are the Knitpicks as sleek and smooth as Addis?