Denise kit

Does anyone own denise needles and do you like them? Also would you buy a denise kit that had 2 needles missing if it was $8.00? I am sorta the anal person who likes everything just so and the fact 2 needles are missing bothers me but I do like to pick up needles whenever I come across them on sale.

  1. I have them and personally don’t care for them. I prefer metal needles (or occasionally wood) and thin, flexible cable. I own multiple Knitpicks Options nickel plated and several harmony needles. Those are all I use now. That being said, many people do like them a lotto it depends on what you like.

  2. I was going to say that whether to purchase them would be dependent on which size was missing, but then again…for only $8 you can hardly go wrong. I don’t know. Since I don’t like them I’m not the one to say really.

You might check with the company and see how easy it would be to replace the two missing needles (especially if you really really want a full set). I’d probably buy it for $8 myself. And if I ended up not liking it, I would either resell it or give it to another knitter who likes those type of needles.

I have the Denise set and I use mine all the time. I prefer to use a non metal type of needle for most things, I find they are easier on my hands. Very much a personal preference. I would definitely buy the set for $8. I don’t think it would cost a whole lot to replace the missing needles. Even if I couldn’t replace them, I think I would still buy it for that price.

I have the entire interchangable kit and I HATE it, It was a waste of money for me. When I have the connectors in, they keep coming off when I go to pull the wire to knit the other side using the magic loop method. I just bought a set of bamboo circulars and like those much better.

I have two sets of Denise needles and the crochet hooks as well. I love the ease and convenience of going between sizes, but I do become overly frustrated when the needle and cable separate mid-row. It may require me to pay closer attention when knitting to prevent the separation [I tend to twist my knitting], but it’s worth it to me for the convenience.

The customer service department is very accommodating and have replaced both needles and cables whenever I’ve been dissatisfied.

I would have bought them. I just ordered a set of the new Sunstruck Interchangeables from Knit Picks. I really love the Harmony Set but find that I could use doubles.

I felt guilty at first because I bought the Harmony’s not too long ago but know that they will be put to good use and carry a lifetime warranty.

I am sure the guilt will fade once I see them

Oh yeah…you can definitely use another set! I bought one set of the nickel plated and have bought at least another one or two piecemeal. :lol: The Sunstruck are gorgeous! Last time I had to order something from KP I bought a couple sets to see them and love them! :inlove:

I have a set of the Denise Interchangables and used them a LOT until I started trying to do magic loop. The cables are just too stiff (IMO) for that. But for $8… yeah, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I found a really good deal on a used set of AddiClicks (Lace) and those work nicely for me on magic loop. I’m sure I’ll still use my Denise set too. It all depends on what I’m knitting and where. Not sure the TSA will like my metal Addis on an aircraft<G>.

Same here. It is impossible to do magic loop knitting with these. The “cords” are too think and stiff. I think that is why I had to tug on them so much to get the knitting up and around the needles.

I bought a set of 15 bamboo circs on for only $24. I work them a lot and I LOVE them. And some of them aren’t sharp enough but I used a nail file to sharpen the tips of them.

Anyway, my denise ones are now collecting dust as the only method I use in the round is magic loop.

Dont feel too guilty, if you knit a lot it pays to have tools that work for you and that you enjoy!!

Did you decide already? It looks like the tips are under $5/pr.

I use mine sometimes but they are not my preferred needles. Their customer service is great, even I can’t find a reason to complain about it. I wish I’d gotten mine for $8!

Look they’re not the ‘bee’s knees’ but they are nice to knit with. I bought the rainbow set … took far too long for them to process my order and deliver, but hey, the USA is renowned for very poor postal service.


I have them and enjoy using them for some projects. I have used them for magic loop and they are not the best for that. For other projects they are fine. One advantage to them is that they are easier on your hands.
My favorite for lace and magic loop are the Chiao Goo needles I bought here.
The needles are nice and sharp, the joins are sturdy and the cable is supple. They were recommended in a Ravelry lace group I belong to.
Note-I just noticed they have an interchangeable set for sale and I have not tried those. I’ve tried the individual needles.

I’ve changed my mind - I just LOVE these needles the more I use 'em.

besides - a purchase of them helps keep THIS wonderful place up and running.

what do you find you like about the Denise?

I got my Sunstruck Needles a couple of weeks ago and they seem to be just like the Harmony but also next time I place an order I will get a couple of the Nickle Plated. I just used the trial size 7 NP to make a hat and found that I now really like them. They seemed too slick at first when I tried to use them for another project but now with more experience behind me I really like them.

Yeah, I love my nickel plated. :thumbsup:

Denise were nicely made needles and the connection is cool, but I didn’t like the cable or needle material.

I assume the question was directed to me, so: I love the feel of them, they have a nice amount of give and the connection is really well thought out and engineered.