Denise Interchangeables only $38.50!

I found a site where the Denise set is only $38.50 …free shipping over $50, $5.44 shipping for only the Denise’s

Click HERE

wow…has anybody here bought from them before?

What bad timing! I just went to a Homeschool Convention (I homeschool my kids) this weekend and spent WAY too much on books! My poor dh nearly fainted when I should him the receipts! He’d KILL me if I did this too. O’well. Hopefully someone else can take advantage of this! :crying:

I just placed an order to this site because of the previous posts. :happydance: I have been lurking on the posts of boye vs. denise. I ashamedly am a book-cover-judger on some things and the prettiness of the boyes caught me once. I bought a set at hobby lobby but took them back after discussing interchangeables with the owner of one lys. her answer was “have you seen any for sale here?” Albeit a curt response, her point was taken because at the time she made sense when telling me she didn’t like the limitations of having a cable occupied when she wants to do another project. She does a lot of bigger projects I guess. Anyhow, I am pumped to get my order and see what all the hubbub is about! :lol:

:waving: hi Kemp: thanks for the heads up!

I just emailed them to see if they will ship to Europe and if so, what they’ll be charging for that. It seems a good oportunity to get my hands on a set of Denises since they are pretty hard to find around here but I don’t want them if the shipping and handling is going to break my not-too-big bankaccount…

all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and wait for like 8 hours untill it’s businesshours again in the USA to find out the answer :pray:

i bought the Boyes (partly because of the pretty colors! :rollseyes: ) Did you know that you can buy extra cables and needles for them? I’ve seen them at my local Hobby Lobby. I haven’t had to buy one yet, but I like the idea that I can.

$15.50 … that’ll put them at about $55 alltogether… :thinking:
I’ll think that’ll be worth it since I haven’t seen them around here at all, except for one time and then they asked nearly $80 for them…

I bought my set through (at the suggestion of the people on the Denise website ). They are selling them for 44.95 with free shipping to USA and Canada.

I purchased a set for myself for Mother’s Day, and haven’t even used them yet! I’m making myself finish my poncho project before I start anything new :XX:



$15.50 … that’ll put them at about $55 alltogether… :thinking:
I’ll think that’ll be worth it since I haven’t seen them around here at all, except for one time and then they asked nearly $80 for them…[/quote]

YAY! Not bad at all for shipping to Germany. (do I have that right??? I think I remember from a previous post.) Did they say how long it will take to get them?

Holland, or the Netherlands, whichever name you prefer :slight_smile: And, not it’s not too bad i must admit so I think I’ll splurge a little on an end-of-year gift for myself :happydance:

It should be delivered within 10 to 15 days they say so even that is not too bad I think.

oops…sorry…must’ve been someone else I was thinking of :oops: Do you by any chance speak German?

I think you will love the needles!

In theory I do :slight_smile: I took my final exams in German in highschool nearly 10 years ago but I have hardly used it since so I’m a bit rusty on it.
I do still understand most of it, both written and spoken; for some reason my understanding of a foreign language has always been better than actually producing it…
Do you need some translating of something? I think there are at least one or 2 girls here who is from Germany who might be wiling to help out aswell if that is the case.


Just curious really…I have the same experience with understanding better than speaking. No German though, French, Italian and Spainish although not really enough to do translations.

That always cracks me up about Europeans…it seems like the European idea of “I speak a little” and the American idea of the same are very different! It never ceases to amaze me that someone in Europe will say they only speak “a little” english, but can then continue a whole conversation! When I say a little, it isn’t nearly enough to get beyond directions, food and bathrooms :slight_smile:

My family is from Wurtzburg, Germany…I guess that is why I am on the lookout for people who live there. Before my knitting obsession, I was working on my family history for a while. Unfortunately with the records that were destroyed during the war in that city, I may never get any farther with it. Schnellenberger is my maiden name.

Javede and kilgoretrout are in Germany.

really? :rofling: I can see why that would crack you up :slight_smile:
I don’t know about other Europeans, but I know in my country people tend to be a bit over critical on themselves; we tend to hear the mistakes we make rather than realizing we are able to make ourselves understood, which should be the main goal for learning any foreign language I think …

Ahhh I see! I actually do the same thing as soon as I come abroad, look for, and notice, Dutch names anywhere I go.
It’s too bad all the records of your family were distroyed during the war… it’s absolutely fashinating to be able to trace back your roots I think.

Although it’s easy for me to say: on both sides of my family grandparents and other relatives have been digging forever already so most of what can be discovered in old records is already neatly organised in binders, so all I have to do is just go and read that :slight_smile:

ah that’s right!! Or, I knew of Javede but not of kilgoretrout yet.
Actually, I could only remember the “ja…” part of her nick and was about to look back through older posts to refresh my memory.
Sorry Javede :oops:

I received my “hot deal” needles yesterday! woo hoo! There are awesome, I love the feel of the cables (I’m an Addi cable lover too). The whole order came to $44.75, I paid for priorty mail, cuz I’m impatient…still cheeper than regular price at most sites. The company was very prompt in confirming completion of my order and it was packed so nicely with tissue that not a thing was out of place. The gal that processed my order even jotted a happy face “happy knitting” note on the order. I see already on the site they are temporarily out of stock on this set so I really lucked out! Thanks for posting the link/info, another reason why I love this site…so many helpful nice folks!! :heart: :inlove:

My needles were probably delivered last Friday: amazingly quickly!!! However, I wasn’t at home and appearently neither were any of my roommates so now the postguy took it back to the postoffice where I can pick it up after 14h today. THe horror of knowing they are in town and having to wait the ENTIRE WEEKEND before I can pick them up! :wall:

I’ve thought about them every day this weekend; especially since my boyfriend was working on his hobby, motorcycles, and I sat around watching tv and doing nothing… sigh

Chances are I won’t even be able to go by the postoffice untill tomorrow because I’m in another town with my boyfriend right now. But, I might just make the trip home this afternoon to drop off a few things I don’t need anymore and to pick up the needles anyway :slight_smile:
I ride a motorcycle and that way I won’t have as much stuff to take home with me tomorrow and it’ll be a GREAT excuse to zap by the postoffice and get my new needles!