Denise interchangeable and children's clog pattern

does anyone know of a online store I can buy these two things. I can’t seem to find a store that carries both of these and I only want to pay shipping once. They also have to be able to ship to Canada. Thanks.

I know that Angelika carries Denises in her store, but I didn’t see the pattern on her site. She is a very nice lady, I’m sure if you email her she will let you know if she has the pattern and it’s just not online yet, it’s certainly worth asking!

EDIT, EDIT…she DOES have the clog pattern, too…, scroll down on this page :cheering:

FWIW…this store has the cheapest price on the Denise set I’ve found online:

The Denise set is $39.95 + shipping. My set cost me $44 total! You have to call and order over the phone, and they do take credit cards.


Our beloved Amy also sells Denise interchangables here… And they’re colored which i like a lot more than the usual grey resin!!

click here for Amy’s colored Denise set information


I believe kemp’s store has both.