Denise Interchangable Pink Set

Hey ladies and gents, I’m not sure if I’m just finding this out or if it’s new but I figured I’d give everyone a heads up, Denise is offering a pink set of needles that supports breast cancer. They’re donating $5 for each set bought, and here’s the link.

Yep~ they’ve been out a while and Amy has her rainbow colored Denise’s but thanks for posting it~! :happydance:

I figured I was behind the times, I usually am. :wink:

HEY~` just because I knew about it doesn’t mean everyone else does~! :happydance:

I ordered a set, I love the ones I got that I bought from a local store, so I went ahead and bought a pink set. :slight_smile:

They are pretty. But I’m happy with my gray set so I won’t be buying the pink ones. :happydance:

I like my grey set too, but breast cancer runs pretty heavily in my family, so I support the research in any way I can. :slight_smile:


:hug: :heart:


While I love the cause, I’m not a pink kind of girl, so I ordered the blue set… however, you can donate directly here: [color=green]SD Ireland Cancer Research[/color] :slight_smile:

The link didn’t work. Just want to comment that I wish they had been available in pink when I purchased my grey/blue set. Positively the most dreary color combination! :pout:

I am a BIG FAN of the new KnitPicks OPTIONS for interchangeables…but, I have never regretted owing the Denise set. I use it for certain things more often than I expected. Love the cables for holding stitches in reserve. Like the fact that I can link them together into ‘custom’ lengths! :happydance:

I prefer using my Options, but I bought a set of Denise’s, too. Sometimes the sharp Options just arent right for the yarn. I bought the blue set from someone on this forum, and then ordered all of the extra cable lengths and a companion set in pink. So, when I use them I use the pink, but I have an extra set of cables for holders or whatever! Donations are made off of the cables, too!

Yeah, I might pick up a set of the cables too, just ot use them as holders. I don’t usually do any huge projects that the cables that come with it can’t handle, but ya never know. :wink: