Denise circular question

I may be having one of those :doh: moments, but I’m using a pattern calling for size 13, 24" circulars and initial instructions are to cast on 68 stitches and join in the round…I’ve done this many times, but seem to have this problem every time: I cast on the 68 stitches and when I go to join, the cable is too long for me to “join” the round…does this make sense to any of you?! Should I switch to a shorter cable? I had this problem when making the hats and switched to a shorter cable, but this is a purse pattern, so would rather not be required to froggit too many times :roflhard:


Yep, I’d change to a shorter cable if it truly is too long for you to join. If you stick w/ a cable that’s too long, you run the risk of stretching your knitting and tampering w/ your gauge. What pattern are you using? Is it online? It surprises me that the pattern calls for a cable too long. :?? What are the finished measurements? 24" or so by change? :thinking:

You also have to take into account the the first couple rows in the round can be a bit stiff even on the right length cable. :thinking:

Also make sure you’re measuring the length including the needle tips. :wink:

I measured the needle w/cable and it measures 24 inches…tip to tip…this is the correct way to measure, right? The pattern is the Not So Vintage Bubble Bag from the book Pursenalities. Here’s a photo of my dilemma!

Yeah … that is awefully long. :thinking: Well … you can switch to shorter length and then change to longer IF NEEDED.

Just a thought. :wink:

Ooh, I have that book. The only other thing I can think of that would affect that is that it says to use 2 strands together, and it looks like you’re doing that, so I guess just use a shorter needle!

Have you done any of the other bags from that book? They all look so pretty, but I haven’t done any yet.

Actually, I am using Cascade Pastaza at the lys owner’s suggestion and she told me that I could use 1 strand of this yarn rather than the 2 strands of Cascade 220. I purchased 2 skeins (132 yards each) and a skein of novelty yarn, which I had planned to use for the top part of the bag. I am questioning whether I can get by with only using 1 strand, but feel she probably knows more about it that me :thinking:

I haven’t made any of the purses from the book but there are some lovely bags in it. Will switching to a shorter cable have any effect on the diameter of the bag? I also wonder if I should change the needle size with only using 1 strand…or maybe I should opt for a smaller bag just to make sure I don’t run out of yarn!!

I had this post from Hilde awhile back concerning Pastaza:
Okay here’s infor for pastaza
Chunky-weight 50% llama/50% Peruvian highland wool
132 yard / 3.5oz. (100 gram) skeins
4 sts = 1" on 9 US needles (5.5mm)

and for 220:
100% 4-ply worsted-weight wool
220 yards / 100g skeins
20 sts = 4" or 10cm on 7 US needles

Soooooo… just so it looks even:
20 stitches of the pastaza = 5 inches
20 stitches of the 220 = 4 inches

Any thoughts?

I think Brooke had the same prob when she cast on for her first piece in the round…she said it worked itself out. Can we see what it looks like when you try to stretch the work around the needle?

This is using the size 13 needles and they measure (with the cable) about 20 1/2 inches tip to tip, which is shorter than the 24" called for in the pattern!

OH WOW! It HAD looked to me in your first pic like it was unstretched. INSERT FOOT IN MOUTH, KELLY! :oops: I would try a shorter cable…

Tell me about it…I had this problem with the hat…using exactly what the pattern called for as far as yarn and needles…can’t figure it out…could it be the Denise cables?

Wow–I don’t think it should have anything to do with the cables, since you’re measuring them. It could just be the yarn substitution. It looks like yours may come out a little smaller than the pattern.

Some types of cast-on are less stretchy than the rest of the knitting, so the work might stretch around the 20+ inches of circular after you get through a row or two. But it certainly looks as though you don’t need so long a circular for the number of stitches you are starting with. Are there increases yet to come? When you did the hats, was your cast-on edge much tighter than the rest of the fabric? If so, did it cause any problem? If you used a cast-on that makes a relatively tight edge, you may find that switching to a stretchier one will produce results more consistent with the pattern.

This particular bag pattern begins at the top of the bag with 10 rounds in garter stitch…then of course, decreases and increases. Someone suggested that I use a 16" rather than a 24", so I may try that unless someone gives me a more brilliant idea! I’ve just tried the 68 stitches on the 16" and it still stretches the yarn some…tolerable, but still not right so perhaps I should try to cast on with a less tight stitch?

I knitted the hat with Yukon yarn and the pattern called for Yukon and 16" circulars…I had to use a shorter cable, but can’t remember the length I used…just know it wouldn’t fit on the 16".

it could be a misprint in the pattern; no matter how much the editors try to find mistakes before printing, there’s gare-un-tee that those smarty pantsies get them all. (when things go wrong i ALWAYS assume it’s the pattern and not me :smiley: ) Does the guage work out? For instance, if the hat is supposed to measure 8 inches around, will the number of CO stitches really work out to be that measurement?

According to the book intro, gauge isn’t important with any of the handbags included in the book…so, I haven’t attempted to determine the gauge. Jodi did a bubble bag using a similar pattern on Addi’s and said she had a slight problem initially with joining, but it worked itself out. She also used Cascade 220 and Noro together, so you would think that using one strand of Cascade Pastaza, there shouldn’t be an issue! Of course…it’s the pattern :roflhard:

I received help on this one from a lady in town who teaches knitting and she said that using the size 13 24" needles would be tight, but would work out and so far, it’s working…although those first two rounds were not easy :rollseyes: I also told her about our favorite website, so maybe we’ll get a few more brilliant people soon :cheering:

As always…thanks for your help everyone!