Denim Ragg hat, scarf, fingerless gloves

I made these for my dil’s birthday today. My son liked them so much he posted a picture of her wearing them on Facebook this morning. Here she is. :rofl: I did tell her I thought it was probably a bit warm to wear them right now though considering a good part of the country has over 90 degree heat at the moment. :roflhard: These were fun, easy and though knitting a long scarf can be bunglesome, a great pleasure to do.

That’s a really cute set.

They look fabulous! What kind of yarn is it? Looks like the one I used for my first sweater.

This is bernat softee chunky. I wanted something she could throw into the washer and dryer.

Oh that is a different one. I used Bernat Denim Style.

A nice set. :slight_smile:

That’s a lovely gift that will be appreciated even more when the weather turns just a little bit colder. Great job knitting and perfect model.

Awww…she looks so happy!! Isn’t it wonderful when your knitted gifts are so appreciated?!

She is a peach. I hope I am a good mil, but my dil and sil are both top notch and I couldn’t ask for better.

You DIL looks very happy with her new goodies! They look great on her , too. I agree, it seems a bit warm for this kind of gear. lol! 95 degrees here, ack!

She lives in Northwest Indiana but it is hot there like everywhere else. I live in steamy Memphis and the temp was 101 yesterday and humidty pushing the heat index to near 120!!!


Yep, that pretty much covers it! :rofl:

Nice! Looks very cosy :slight_smile:

What a fantastic set! Great job! A work of love!!!