Denim and vest

I knitting the sleeves on this Denim and and knitted a vest for DIL She LOVED them

That’s really clever! How did you attach the sleeves?

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing??? Looks great!

I want one too!! How cool is that? Great idea I think I may have to copy you! :muah:

Great idea!

Got the pattern in my Creative Knitting magazine.The sleeves are whip stitched in and then I tacked the outside edge also.I washed it and it all stayed together :cheering:

Very nice!

Is that a brown poodle?!

Know that you mention it it does look like a brown poodle :roflhard: It’s the vest I knit her :roflhard:

Well, I know I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I looked at that picture but wow! My eyesight must be worse than I thought! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You’re so creative!