ugh…I just can’t bring myself to even pick up the needles to work on my tank top. I like the yarn (LP Cotton Fleece), but I don’t like working with it too terribly much. If one stitch is a little looser it shows, and I am not confident that it won’t show forever even after I wash it. It doesn’t help that I have the yarn for the hoodie I have been lusting after, and it is my favorite yarn ever to knit with (LP Wool). sigh What do you do when this happens, or what would you suggest? I feel like such a failure for not just busting out this tank top like I do all my other projects, especially since I was looking so forward to the tank top.

Go for the hoodie!! Make a swatch with your tank yarn and see how it goes. If you’re a multi-project knitter, start both. To me though, it sounds like you want the hoodie. That’s my vote if that’s what you’re looking for.

Life is too short not to enjoy yourself, especially when it comes to knitting. What is the point of knitting if not to have fun. Do the hoodies.

I really am itching to cast on that hoodie…but if I quit the tank top who’s to say I won’t just quit th ehoodie when I get bored. (though I did get tired of the tank top the 5th time I COMPLETELY ripped it out)

I think I will cast on the hoodie tomorrow, or else I will be up until 3am. :lol: I guess I just have to get over it…cause I love working with wool and want to spit on the cotton. :lol:

Just put the tank top to the side. Maybe after a fresh project you’ll be ready to tackle it again.

I’m sorry this is off-topic, but your kids are so cute, yarnmommy! The new photo made me smile. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Knitting should be fun. If a project feels like tedium (to you), I’d say ditch it! You’ll get to know what kind of projects will stay fun for you. I tend to prefer smaller projects, so I don’t get bored with them. Others may prefer big projects with lots of stitches, that take them a long time. Do what feels good!

If it’s something you’d really like to have for yourself, you could just call it your back-up “when you get around to it” knitting project. It sounds like a relatively mindless and fast project. I like to have that kind of project on hand for when I’m waiting in line or talking on the phone or whatever. If you don’t have another mindless project on hand, then this could be your back-up.

But, again, if it feels like “ugh, I don’t want to work on this!”, then don’t! Forcing yourself to do it will just turn knitting into a chore, which would be tragic!


I’m having a similar problem with a bag I’m making. I don’t know if I should do the project, or just give away the yarn!

I decided to use a bunch of yarn that a friend gave me, to make this bag, but I don’t love the yarn. In the end, I’ll need to incorporate other yarn that I love, to make it a bag I like; but I’m still doubtful that I’ll be that crazy about the bag. I’ve started on the project, but I just don’t know if I want to keep going on it. It’s going to take a LOT of yarn to make, and it will be felted, so if I don’t like it, that’s a lot of wasted yarn, that can’t be re-used!

I think I’m going to unravel it, and give away the yarn. I got two compliments from other knitter friends on the yarn, so I really should just give it to one of them, since they like it! I really need a new bag (a knitting bag to replace my old one), but I think I’m going to start over with yarn I love, and give away this yarn. It’s the thrifty person in me that is stuck on this decision. So hard not to use free yarn!!