I don’t know how to delete.

I tried… i couldn’t find it. i thought it was there if you go to edit and then click “go advanced” but if it is, i don’t see it.

Me neither. I did the advanced edit, that’s how I changed the title, but I didn’t see delete.

Hi little redhead!

Did you want to delete a thread that you started? If it has not received any posts, you could ask a Mod to delete it.

However, if it has received posts, then that might be stickier to delete the thread because the Mods would be deleting other people’s 2 cents worth.

just to be clear, if it happens to be THIS thread that she wants deleted, i am perfectly okay with it being deleted. :wink:

Here’s what is says in the FAQ.


For some reason, you can delete reply posts, but not Topic posts… I guess mod intervention would be required for that.

Just for practice sake…little redhead…I think what that info was saying is that YOU can delete your very first post in this thread, and the whole thread will go POOF!

Wanna try it?

I can always delete the entire schamoley for you…but why don’t you try it first??

No one seems to care if it goes POOF!

See that’s why i created that other thread that you deleted this morning though. It was to see if I could find the button to delete the thread. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Used to be that you could delete the thread as long as nobody had posted on it yet. Can’t seem to find where to do that now, and unfortunately, that link didn’t actually seem to point to where it was. :shrug:

I hope I didn’t boo-boo by deleting it for you! Sorry! :shrug:

If you want to keep trying, why not create a thread over in OFF TOPICS, and then give it another go at deleting. If you need help, just send me a note or PM. If you need me to finally delete it for you…let me know.

Let’s go ahead and try it!