HI All,

I’m on a “yarn diet” as Jodstr2 would say… SO I’m trying to trade for stuff instead. However, if you want to buy any of this stuff, I’m open to that too, just make me an offer.

I really am beginning to like sock yarn. I also am looking for “Knit One, Felt Too” and “Felted Knits”. If you have either of those to trade, that would be great. Thanks!

random wool yarn - 6 ply. not too soft. it felts. it would be perfect for someone making a bag that wanted to incorporate a bunch of different colors. or to do color mixes when felting. they are all cooler colors… greens an blues and stuff.
they are in balls as specified:

1 X 100 g bright yellow
1 X 130 g navy aqua
1 X 90 g army green
1 X 120 g light grass green
1 X 50 g light yellowish green
1 X 50 g tan
1 X 45 deep forrest green
2 X 100 g med hue deep grassy green
2 X 100 g mild yellow
2 X 100 g cream
4 X 100 g light baby blue
2 X 100 g melon green
2 X 100 g light grey
4 X 100 g medium grey blue (more blueish)


I think it will work this time…


double point 7" needles in sets of 4
size 3 (light blue aluminum)
size 4 (2 sets: aluminum, light green, bright aqua)
size 5 (aluminum-light green)

circular needles
size 13 - 29" (aluminum-light green)
size 10.5 - 29" (aluminum-dark green)
size 8 - 26" (silverlume)
size 9 - 29" (3 sets) (aluminum-light green)

Lots of white chenille and i mean LOTS!

Oh yeah, and some very thin yarn. almost like thread, but a little thicker.

Do you still have the natural coloured spool in the last pic, right beside the grey one which is gone?
If so let me know and I’ll see what I have here to trade with you :slight_smile:

how much for all the needles?