Define "Steeks"

I’ve always thought that steeks were any stitches that you cut for construction purposes like sleeves. But, as I was reading a book of knitting tips and tricks today there were Steeks and then there were Sweaters Without Steeks where they STILL CUT EXTRA STITCHES! However, this was not considered steeking!!

The only difference I can discern is that in the steek section, they BO about an inch of stitches and then CO the same # of stitches and then knit the steek and then repeat the BO/CO before securing the stitches and cutting.

You’ve got the right idea. Steeks are extra stitches.

You can cut without steeks–often Norwegian sweaters have this–you still sew along two vertical rows and cut between them. I prefer the extra leeway of the knitted steeks.

So are true steeks created only by the BO/CO thing, and it’s not just any stitches that are meant to be cut?

That is my understanding of it. You bind off for the underarm basically, add the steek stitches and then bind them off at the top before cutting. But the Norwegian method is called a steek, also. You do bind off one stitch at the base of the row you’re going to cut to prevent unravelling for the Norwegian ones.

How intriguing! Thanks Ingrid, that really clarifies everything.