Define "every 2nd and 4th row" please!

The pattern calls for an increase alternately every 2nd and 4th row.

Is this merely a way for saying every other row?

It certainly sounds like it’s every other row. Kind of an odd way of
saying it :slight_smile: What’s the pattern?


Thanks-- yeah, I read it nonchalantly and then started thinking about it, and that’s when I got a little muddled. :slight_smile:

The pattern is a winter shrug by Jean Guirguis from Vogue Knitting: Accessorize

I think they meant increase on these rows, but I don’t have the book so I’m not sure:
Row 2
Row 6
Row 8
Row 12
Row 14
Row 18
Row 20
Row 24
Row 26

I agree with brittyknits. Rather than have you inc every 3rd row, it’s worked so you inc on the RS rows only - 2, 6, 8, 12, 14, 18 etc.

Why don’t they just say what they mean then? Patterns drive me crazy! I am one of those people who do not have the knack of figuring out what these patterns mean on my own. I know some people can do that, but I cannot. It is very frustrating to me, to be knitting happily along and come to a part in the pattern that makes absolutely no sense to me.


It does say what they mean, you just have to learn how to interpret inc alternately every 2nd and 4th row. Now you know and next time you run across something similar you’ll understand it.

D’oh! :doh: I should have got that! I just did a pattern that had
increases every 6th and 4th row alternately and had to work that
out…sigh Sorry!

Libbie :slight_smile:

I’m with you, GinnyB. Patterns are now rushed to publication, and there’s tremendous pressure to keep up with the next season’s trends in knitting-- even yarns come out seasonally, now! There are loads of mistakes, and a lot of inconsistencies. It can be very frustrating!