Defend the Yarn Harlot!

Reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog entries is something I always excitely look forward to. She’s brilliant and hilarious!

When I read her last two entries (yesterday’s and today’s), I was shocked to see that a few people had commented very negatively and immaturely on her Chablis socks (a very tedious pattern that took her a long time to finish). Can you believe the audacity of some people? :mad:

I commend her for addressing the negative comments so maturely. I would have had a tough time handling it the way she did! The Yarn Harlot deserves a round of applause for her hard work and willingness to share it publicly with other knitters!

Has anyone else read these entries?

I totally agree with you. She handled it with such class. What an eloquent lady.

I did read. I didn’t see the comments but the way she was talking about it, someone flat out said they were ugly. In case anyone didn’t read it, she said it was like coming into someone’s house and telling them their couch was ugly. Of course, the way she put it was much more eloquent. I totally heart her.

I enjoy her writing. I think she is witty and informative. However, having said that, I contacted her on Ravelry and, being that we live in the same town, perhaps ten minutes apart, I asked her if she would kindly autograph my copy of her book. I had just purchased it. She never bothered to respond to my post at all! She didn’t send a message saying she was too busy. She just ignored me totally. I still enjoy reading her blog, but I was dissappointed that she would not acknowledge a devoted fan.

I posted a comment today. I’m always amazed at the things people say. I shouldn’t be, but I try to find the best in everyone and this kind of thing is just sad.

The.Knitter…do you have any idea how often she probably gets that request or any request for that matter? From what I’ve read she is often overwhelmed. If you are that close maybe you can go to the knit night she goes to and I’m sure she would do it there. She really does seem like a nice person.

I don’t believe she advertises where she goes for knit night. I’d love to find a knit night in this city! I have no idea where she goes, and once rejected, was not about to try and find out.

I’m pretty sure she has her PMs set to off. I know they made it so people could turn it off partly because of the “famous” knitters getting hundreds of them. You figure they have over 70,000 members at this point. Could you imagine being her and getting a PM every time some one friended you? I’m sure she wasn’t just being rude.

Well, I guess I don’t see it as a rejection. :shrug: Anyhoo…she says in her blog that she goes to Lettuce Knit. She said she was there last night so I guess she goes on Wed.

I agree!

In Knits End, which I listen to all the time in the car, she says that one should always try to find something positive to say about another’s knitting, even if only"MY, that looks like a lot of work." Or “What a personal work of art” or something similar to that. My Nana always taught me that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.!

I don’t nderstand snippiness like that. That guy Dan was all “I don’t care, I think its ugly” I mean does he not have enough love in his life or something? There’s no reason for that. Even he admits to making ugly things himself. He can talk about his own stuff. But when you talk about someone else’s work, that’s different. I.just.dont’

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Sure, everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion…I’ve seen knitted items that I didn’t much care for–but why would anybody feel like they had to post an utterly rude comment on someone’s site about their project??? I think it’s pretty low. If you don’t like what you see, move on–why feel like you need publicly post your opinion, tearing the item down? I for one wouldn’t think that my negative opinion was important enough to be posted for everyone to read. I generally try to keep my negative opinions about projects I’ve seen that I don’t like to myself. Anybody who crafts anything knows how much work goes into something, and for those that aren’t crafters and criticize, well to them, I say they should try putting the time and work into a project before they comment.

I just read this thread and I just had to go to her blog. Well the pictures of the snow are just beautiful. Saying that onto the socks I myself love those socks. If she were to give them to me as a gift :thud:yup love those socks.
I am from the old school which I think should come back, don’t like it don’t say anything. The one I like was if my mother heard me say that I would be knock into next week. I just love that woman and most of her socks. I love making socks she is my hero.:slight_smile:

:shrug: I don’t get it either. It’s as if people don’t realize they comment on the blog of a real person. And really, what are they trying to accomplish? :shrug:

I think the “Everybody is entitled to their opinion” thing can be taken too far sometimes. Yes, you can have an opinion, it doesn’t mean the entire world must know it. Especially when it doesn’t accomplish anything useful.

I personally don’t care for the socks, but loved the individual leaves and am in awe of the talent to design and make them.The craftmanship is incredible. I would never dream of posting such a negative comment on someones blog. I have found at other sites I go to with chat that some people really enjoy making negative comments and trying to incite discord. I guess some people just like being negative.
I would probably enjoy the process of those socks, but can’t imagine wearing them. I’m a stick in the mud as far as being adventuresome in clothing choices.

I don’t think they’re necessarily trying to ‘accomplish’ anything in particular. I think some people have a sense of compassion, and therefore understand that saying hurtful things hurts. Other people don’t have this sense of compassion. They might not say something ugly to someone’s face, but only because in person they know it would have negative consequences for themselves, not because they know it would hurt the other person. Online they don’t feel the negative consequence as strongly.

I’m with everybody…i think that she is an amazing artist and she handled the situation much better than i would have…im afraid i wouldnt have been as nice! :teehee:

I love the Yarn Harlot too and while I haven’t read the past couple of blog posts because I’ve been so busy,she always responds to negative criticism with a positive manner. It must be hard to put yourself out there, but sometimes there are just people out there who aren’t happy and want to make sure no one else is happy either! She’s such a strong, talented woman and she handles problems with grace.