Defect in my Options

So here I am all happy knitting away on my clogs when the stitches fall into my lap. The purple cable came out of the nickel join. I called CS and was told I would get new cable. In the meantime, I took the wire off of a picture hanging on the wall to save my stitches. (I had an afghan going on the other cable.)

Has this ever happened to any Option owners, and should I expect it again?

I just received my Options two weeks ago, so it isn’t like the needles are old and the glue dried out.

Did you tighten the cables with the key that comes with them? Most people find that this prevents the problem. Unless, of course, there is a problem with the threading itself.

It is the purple cable itself that came unglued, it has nothing to do with the threads on the join. It must be whatever adhesive keeps the cable in the join.[/i]

I’ve heard of it happening. You can just take some superglue and glue them back together.

I made one of my cables shorter and just superglued them back in.

That happened to me before I even started knitting! My girlfriend (who has the set as well) suggested checking out the whole set for defects. It takes a bit of time, so you may want to do it in front of the TV. I checked all my cables, and then screwed each needle into each cable. Also I took some very fuzzy yarn-the kind that will catch on everything, and ran it up and down the needles to look for scratches. I found quite a few problems, but again CS replaced everything promptly. I haven’t had any problems since, but I’ve only had the needles since Christmas.
Hopefully you won’t have too many more problems.


I’ve actually had the threads become dull so they don’t hold in the needles as well and I’ve also had the part on the needle that holds the cable break and not hold the cable any more.

Extra cables are the way to go - so cheap! :thumbsup:

I suggest checking all your cables too. I had a 47" that did got a quick replacement right after I bought my set in August. Just pulled out another cable I hadn’t used before and the same thing. I sat down and checked each one and found another one doing the same thing. Call CS they are super easy to work with and will replace it. The lady I talked to said they know there was a problem and they believe they have fixed it. Hopefully that’s the case.

:shock: OMG Sandra, that’s BRILLIANT! How short did you make the cable, and how well is it working for you?..DOOOOO tell! (And forgive me if you’ve already told, and I missed the whole thread. I’ve been MIA for months.)

Needless to say, I love the Options set, except for the rediculously long 24" minimum length. :rollseyes: What were they thinking?! :doh:

Mimi, take advantage of this “broken” cable, and do what Sandra did! Shorten it before gluing it back in. I’m guessing you can make a comfortable 18" (needle tip to needle tip) out of these. I might have to go hack away at one of my cables and find out for myself! :out:

I don’t remember who else did it, but I followed in the steps of others. I think I only shortened mine to 19 or 20 inches. I had bought a 60" cable (what was I thinking) for magic loop and it was toooo long. So i shortened it. It now works really well for FT clogs. I was a tad too long before.

Just pulled it out (mine were glued in pretty well), cut it off, and superglued it back in.

Oh. I found the thread here. It was janelanespaintbrush that first tried it.

That’s never happened with mine. Hmmm.

crosses fingers, knocks wood me either. :shrug:

me neither…I checked mine really well, and they are perfect, but we’ll see when I start using them more :slight_smile:

Suggestion: when tightening the needle onto the cable, and using the key…be careful NOT to give it too much torgue. It only take a quick sharp twist. You don’t want to start “stripping” your threads by torquing down too with too much force. You’ll know you have given it enough torque when you can’t unscrew the needle by hand. Any more torque than necessary is overkill…and could reduce the life of your threading, IMHO.