Deep V Argyle Vest FO

this is a good project to try steeking. I think if you are an experienced crocheter you can steeking. My problem mostly arose from the fact that even though I’ve been knitting for years I don’t really know how to crochet very well. I’m a fast knitter but a VERY VERY slow crocheter and I didn’t pick up all the stitches when i crocheted. This pattern gives very good instructions on how to steek. I just had to learn how to crochet in order to do it.

It’s beautiful :passedout: I absolutely love it :inlove: What a great job. You have lots of patience.

That’s really gorgeous :inlove:

Beautiful! It looks like you got a really nice fit, too!

:passedout: Wow that looks like a lot of work. What a beautiful job you did.

That’s a great job looks really good on you:thumbsup:


Wow! You are one talented gal!

that’s awesome!

that is awsome! great job…something i can see wearing a lot!

So cool!! I love the look of argyle without having to do intarsia. Nice fit too.

Incredibly well done! Excellent. You should be so proud!

OMG That is absolutely gorgeous! You are so very skilled. I do hope I can do that some day. The colours are perfect. It looks so professional.

Post is four years old, but whatever! It is a lovely vest, but I don’t think the original poster’s going to see any of these nice comments directed at her.