Deep V Argyle Vest FO

I finished both awhile ago but i forgot to get pictures of the vest.

Some of you may have remembered my steeking adventures regarding the vest. I was able to save the vest by reinforcing the steeks by handsteeking where it was coming loose.

I used yarn tree house 50% merino 50% alpaca in strawberry red and black in size 4 needles. purchased from the yarntreehouse ebay seller.

Here are the pics of the Eunny Jang Deep V vest.

Let me know what you think.

That’s look awesome! Great job! :cheering:

That’s cute. Great job!

It is gorgeous! I really want to knit that someday.

That is really amazing. Awesome job!

:inlove: love it!! It looks wonderful…

Wow, that’s gorgeous. Love the colors. Nice work.

wow great job!!!:cheering:

Nice colorwork

Looks wonderful. Great work.

Oh, you are one brave knitterly woman, the thought of steeking makes my blood run cold. Wonderful FO!

What is steeking? Streaking I know…

That’s amazing! I love this vest, is it really hard to knit? It looks so complicated.

Cynamar-Steeking is when you continuing knitting in the round instead of binding off stitches when you do neck and armholes, and knit extra stitches that will be cut into later on after you reinforce it with either crochet/hand/machine stitches-it was pretty scary cutting into it.

-knitgal-it was an easy knit -the only scary part was the cutting part.


:yay: Beautiful job!

that is a great vest, and the colors are so pretty!

:passedout: I am amazed at the quality knitting I see at KH each and every day, and this argyle vest is included in my admiration!
Very nice, and thanks so much for sharing multiple photos! Wonderful knitting! Just simply wonderful!!!

Me likey very much! :yay:

Amazing! What a great job!


Steeking sounds like something best left to much more experienced knitters! Thanks, though!