DeeJay blogging? No way!

Going to start off with the 100 things about me… wish me luck?
My life in 84 steps

  1. I was taught to knit the first time by my Nana, I don’t know how old I was
  2. I learned again while in womans refuge but that didn’t get far
  3. My bosses 14 year old daughter taught me again when I was making my scarf
  4. I started a scarf last Sunday night
  5. But using it to learn everything I can, so spent nearly 2 days casting on, knitting a few rows, frogging, starting again.
  6. Did all that again when learning to purl
  7. I don’t like purling
  8. I went to look at the hobby shop in the biggest shopping center near me, its knitting section was about 60 cm wide and less than 2 meters tall - no yarn
    9.I’ve been collecting patterns on my computer
  9. I need to sort them out
  10. I want to knit toys and send them into the hospital around the corner for the kids
  11. But that will have to wait until I’m better at knitting :roflhard:
  12. I also want to knit a few things for my kids
  13. Oh, I forgot to mention that new guy has 2 sons (ages 6 and 14/15)
  14. I tend to knit sitting in front of the computer
  15. I’ve already had an online friend ask me to knit her a scarf
  16. I love reading, specially books by Phillippa Gregory, Anne McCaffrey, Anne Rice, Jean M. Auel, Virginia Andrews…
  17. I’m a bit of a gamer, usually playing online RPGs
  18. My favorite colors are purple, silver/white and yellow
  19. I have an unhealthy obsession with boxes, I just can’t throw them away
  20. The same thing with notebooks
  21. My hair is my pride, I dont care about my nails or my complexion (as long as I dont break out), but my hair never gets gelled or moussed or curled. I only use a hairdryer when I’ve washed my hair before bed, other than that, I let it drip dry. It’s very well taken care of.
  22. I want a Shih Tsu
  23. I’ve always got to have background music going
  24. I can’t watch horrors, I get freaked out too easily and gives me nightmares
  25. I like romantic movies and chick flicks mainly, but a good comedy is great too
  26. I also like documentaries and real life stories
  27. I watch Orange County Choppers
  28. I used to help my male friends take apart and rebuild their cars as a teenager
  29. I’m an introvert, it takes A LOT to get me out of my shell
  30. I have a fear of stairs, specially walking down them. I always have to hold the rail. If my hands are full, then I rest my elbow on them.
  31. I live 3 flights up with no elevator…
  32. I can’t drive. Was taught how to but I can’t handle being behind the wheel and always failed my driving test

I think I’ll throw more in here later :wink:

Going to put my photos here of current things

[B]Current OTN:[/B]

My first scarf:[/B]

I used 4 balls to knit that

[B]My first ever yarn stash[/B]

It looks so lonely

My knitting box

It’s 15 liters! [SIZE=“1”]And empty[/SIZE]

WOW! That is quite a story! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Hilde!
I think I may move it though and put something other than my life’s story there :wink:

Anyway, didn’t get much knitting done yesterday… just over 5 or 6 rows, spent way too long on here, reading and looking at patterns, itching for when I get good enough to do them.
I went to go to bed and take my knitting and DH said to wait just a few minutes and he would come to bed too, he just needed to do something in his game. So I instantly sat in my computer chair and grabbed the knitting. He said that he could get what he wanted done before I did the “one more row”. I did my row, and could of done another if I hadn’t told myself to stop there.
I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this scarf. I’m not fond of the colors although it looked OK in the shop as a ball. Thinking I may give it to youngest stepson since he wears a lot of the colors that are in it. Just not sure how his mother will take it. Maybe if the next project is a hat/cap/beanie to match?

I saw Silvers knit/purl tattoo this morning and have decided that my next tattoo will be an ambigram of my kids names, done down my arm, from one side you can read my daughters name and from the other, read my sons BUT if you look at it straight on, it just looks like a really pretty pattern. I wonder if that’s possible?

oh! Kids picture:

I finished my scarf yesterday. That would happen when my computer gets hijacked by 6 year old stepson for 8 hours.
I hadn’t felt like getting online after lunch so I picked up my knitting at sat on the couch, dh said that to keep 6yo happy, it would be easier to let him play a game on my computer. I never mind that, as long as I’m not wanting it at the time, otherwise he would of been playing pokemon or something on the laptop.
It wasn’t even uninterrupted knitting as I was the one helping him with his game and was on coffee duty. :wall:
Every now and again I’d twist the scarf around his neck to check size and ended up using roughly half the other ball as well, the scarf is nearly as tall as he is :wink:

So now I have nothing OTN and no yarn til shops open Monday afternoon. I’m going to make flowers with the leftover yarn when my computer gets hijacked again today and just put them aside until I find/make something to use them on.

I’ve taken photos of the scarf, once I size them etc, I’ll throw them in here too

welcome to blogland!!