tragically cute capuchin monkey in Kendall Sq, Cambridge today.


:scratchinghead: Isn’t that Keith Richards?


That’s almost looks like an Oddball Charity blanket turned into…

OMG! It’s Elvis (it says so on his guitar)! :rofling:

I feel uncomfortable about these types of pictures to be honest (no offence at all to syndactylus who I think coined “tragically” aptly). Taking an animal out of its natural way and putting it in human garb in this manner…I dunno.

I hated Plant of the Apes even though I understood the point of it.

It is a cute picture though…

Of course, I watched my children dress up our dogs a couple of days ago…:rofl:

I agree, but sadly for us liberating other people’s “property” is illegal, & this appearance (& so also the picture) was paid for by NASA & it was technically beyond our control, but you can be sure they’ll be getting a letter of protest.

[SIZE=1]& this has only been part I, picture I in our documentary series of monkeyhating, but the only one I’ll post here.